Renowned Musician Thomas McClary Performs With Kool & The Gang

Miami, FL – Recently, Kool & the Gang played a sold out festival in Aurora, Illinois, featuring Thomas McClary who founded the Commodores. In 4 decades the band has sold more than 70 million albums worldwide, won 2 Grammys and 7 AMAs, compiled 31 gold and platinum albums, and even procured a star of the storied Walk Of Fame in Hollywood. Thomas McClary, founder of the Commodores and Motown icon himself, only added to this legendary event in June, adding such hits as ‘Brickhouse’ and ‘Too Hot to Trot’ to those of Kool & the Gang, which included ‘Celebration,’ ‘Jungle Boogie,’ and ‘Get Down On It’ to name a few.

On a fine evening in June, RiverEdge Park in Aurora, Illinois was teeming with the sound of some especially funky jams, thanks to Motown greats, Kool & the Gang. But the warm welcome and applause they received from the sold out festival was taken to the next level with the introduction of Thomas McClary, founder of The Commodores. The predominantly pop audience who came out to have a good time were anything but disappointed with the event, many cheering from start to finish and singing along to their favorite funky jams. Thomas McClary opened for the group, but was also invited to join in at the end of Kool’s set, and did so to much support from the packed arena. Kool & the Gang and Thomas McClary’s band formed and electric union which would become the highlight of the night for many in the crowd.

McClary was in fine form, showing that his skills as a musician had only improved with time, cranking out several stunning guitar solos, including the well-known solo on ‘Easy’. They played well into the evening, with the audience dancing and singing along with their favorite hits, like ‘Too Hot to Trot’ and ‘Brickhouse’. When the two bands joined up on stage, it was one classic hit after another for eager fans, many of whom claimed that the music and sound from McClary’s show were better than the original Commodores’ albums. All in all, there was not a single person in attendance at RiverEdge Park that night who didn’t leave feeling as though they had been a part of something truly spectacular.

“It was truly a fantastic event for a lot of reasons,” began one event coordinator for RiverEdge Park. “Booking the two groups was an easy move to make, seeing as they have the same agent. But it was fantastic to see both Kool & the Gang and McClary performing right alongside one another, really cranking out the hits for the audience. The show was sold out pretty early, so we knew what to expect of the bands and the audience, but both Kool & the Gang and Thomas McClary and his band far exceeded what we, or audience members, could have dreamed of.”

When Thomas McClary, the legendary founder of the Commodores, took the stage at RiverEdge Park in June to open for Kool & the Gang, it was to a welcoming audience and a great smattering of applause. McClary and his new band, featuring his son, Ryan, also teamed up with Kool & the Gang at the end of their show to create an electric alliance that left audience members stunned and elated. McClary and his band continue to practice regularly, even creating new music from time to time. It was evident at this recent festival that McClary and Kool & the Gang had only improved their respective sounds with age, leading to a night that many will reminisce for years to come.

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