“AA Auto Protection” The Victim of Blatant Abuse of Power By Corrupt Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office

By uncovering all of the facts related to this lawsuit, it is easy to see that it is baseless, without merit, and filled with more of the corruption that has followed Kathleen Kane throughout her term as Attorney General.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – August 8, 2016 – When you have an Attorney General who has had her license to practice law suspended while serving her term, it should come as no surprise that shady practices are common in her office. Kathleen Kane, whose wrongdoings have been well documented since her appointment as Attorney General, is now involved in a lawsuit that reeks of political favors and a strong conflict of interest.

Her office has filed suit against automobile service contract broker AA Auto Protection. By uncovering all of the facts related to this lawsuit, it is easy to see that it is baseless, without merit, and filled with the more of the corruption that has followed her throughout her term as Attorney General.

False Accusations Behind a False Lawsuit:

In June 2015, the Office of Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection Division, along with the assistance of the Better Business Bureau of Metro Washington D.C. and Eastern Pennsylvania, filed suit against the company known as AA Auto Protection. The main basis of the lawsuit was due to AA Auto Protection selling automobile service contracts through a company called Administration Plus USA. Administration Plus USA is the legal party under the terms of the contract but has since gone out of business.

The problem lies in the Attorney General’s office going after AA Auto Protection when the true company that is liable is Administration Plus USA. Not to mention that Administration Plus USA has admitted they are the liable party and is responsible for the terms of the contract. In fact, Administration Plus USA has entered into an assurance of voluntary compliance with the Ohio Attorney General’s office pertaining to this exact situation.

AA Auto Protection was actively involved in trying to resolve this situation with consumers. Even though they were not the liable party, they worked directly with consumers and referred them to the Ohio Attorney General’s office to receive assistance. It appears as if this information was in turn used against AA Auto in order to find a scapegoat and file this falsely-based lawsuit.

It may be curious to some as to why the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office would pursue a company that is not legally tied to the contracts in question. They are fully aware of Administration Plus USA’s assurance of voluntary compliance with the Ohio Attorney General’s office yet they have proceeded with their suit as if that agreement wasn’t in place.

When the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office filed their original complaint, it contained 11 consumer complaints from the Attorney General’s office and 165 complaints from the Better Business Bureau. This was in fact every complaint received by these offices over the course of AA Auto Protection’s 13-year company history. When you uncover what is truly going on behind the scenes of the lawsuit, it is easy to see the true facts surrounding the false charges.

Coincidences or Co-conspirators?

What truly makes this lawsuit interesting is its timing. Back in 2009, one of AA Auto Protection’s competitors, Carchex, won a lawsuit against them in spite of false allegations of violating employee non-compete agreements. The only reason why Carchex was successful in the lawsuit was due to gross negligence on behalf of AA Auto Protection’s lawyer. This fact was proven and legal malpractice was admitted to by their attorney but unfortunately the lawsuit was won and AA Auto was forced to pay Carchex as a result.

In early 2012, it became difficult for AA Auto to continue making their restitution payments and were forced to stop making the payments to Carchex altogether for financial reasons. Once this happened, it was a few years before Carchex attempted to collect on the debt. Shortly after this started, the Attorney General’s lawsuit also appeared.

It has since been discovered that there is more than one connection between the Attorney General’s office and Carchex. First, Carchex’s CEO, Jason Goldsmith, sits on the board of the Better Business Bureau of Greater Maryland. There is no doubt that this connection is a direct conflict of interest, especially given their ties to the lawsuit.

It has also been shown that information from the BBB was supplied to the Attorney General’s office in order to bring about this suit. It has also led to false claims and reports being broadcast about AA Auto on the BBB site as well as other negative review sites that exist on the internet. AA Auto Protection actually holds an A+ rating on BBB’s site which seems to be in sharp contrast to the mention of the lawsuit there in an attempt to discredit the business.

The other connection that raises even more eyebrows in this situation is in regards to Carchex’s attorney. In addition to being the attorney for Carchex, the legal office of Dilworth Paxson, LLP is also a campaign contributor of corrupt Kathleen Kane, Attorney General. While some may claim that this is simply a coincidence, it’s hard to ignore these connections when you combine them with the ever-present scandals surrounding the AG’s office.

The Corruption Must Stop:

AA Auto Protection is only one business in the state of Pennsylvania. It’s unreasonable to think that other businesses in the state haven’t become victim to similar scandals or that others won’t fall victim in the future. The fact of the matter is that Kathleen Kane should not be in office solely because her license to practice law has been suspended.

If the government wants to overlook that very important fact, then they should at least be looking into the mounting charges of scandal and corruption that seem to breed on a daily basis in her office. Her underhanded tactics are hurting the community and the honest businesses like AA Auto who reside there. It is needlessly wasting taxpayer money and causing undue strain on a local business that provides valuable services to its customers.

AA Auto has been significantly impacted by these false allegations, especially given the economic downturn in recent years. It is their belief that this lawsuit was solely orchestrated by Carchex, Dilworth and Paxson, and the Attorney General’s office to discredit and damage the company’s reputation in return of political favors. AA Auto has also been notified that Carchex’s salespeople are actively taking potential customers to the BBB website so that they can see this lawsuit exists and therefore steal business away from them.

AA Auto Protection is currently being forced to lie in wait while the Attorney General sits on the lawsuit that they likely never intend to pursue knowing that the facts behind it are false and that they would lose. It seems clear that there is a direct conflict of interest here that should be investigated to the full extent of the law.

As long as this lawsuit exists, AA Auto suffers from losing potential business and a continuous and false black mark on their reputation. Kathleen Kane’s corrupt tactics must be stopped before more people and businesses fall victim to her and her friends in high places. Companies like AA Auto should not have to lose business or spend time and money to defend themselves against false allegations. It is the intent of the owners of AA Auto to defend their innocence in this case and have this ridiculous lawsuit thrown out of court.

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