Beauty & Style announced winner of “best-selling serums 2016”

While a 15-step skincare routine is not for everyone, there is an added step that everyone should get on board with-serum. This essential offers more targeted results, potent formulations, and customization options.

Following the great success of the Beauty & Style Awards 2015, in the end of June,2016, Beauty & Style surveyed 100 beauty experts, makeup artists and dermatologists, as well as 500 females from internet, and finally selected 10 best-selling with great effect available in the market (Table 1). Loaded with rare ingredients, cutting-edge technology and of-the-moment science, most of the awards products are the most luxurious of the bunch and they command high price tags for good reason, too.

Beauty & Style announced winner of “best-selling serums 2016”

It is to be observed that the Hyal Premium Essential by Ariel Royce has shot up the rankings. Last year, although recommended by many beauty pros, it didn’t on the shortlist. According to Beauty & Style, the essential contains powerful ingredients that nourishes skin cells while keeping the skin itself hydrated. It does not reduce or remove moisture, rather it draws moisture from the atmosphere unto your skin. The patented TLS technology kicks into preserve existing and renewed “youth capital” by controlling cellular energy efficiency levels. 92% of women noticed their fine lines looked reduced and their skin looked more radiant.

The rose of ranking benefits from its Asian Strategy. It can be seen from the figures: there are more than 30% comments from Asian women. In 2015, Ariel Royce travelled miles to bring its philosophy and technology to South Korea, where their laboratory is established to elaborately create products that are dedicated to Asian women’s skins. With the improved ingredients and upgraded formula, the Hyal Premium Essential won extremely popular in Asian market. In Seoul, the Ariel Royce Hyal Premium Essential always sells out soon after it hits the store. The figures say it all: Ariel Royce has been at the top of the Korean luxury brand’s bestseller list in 2015 and has passed the KRW 30 billion ($2.7 million) sales mark on a cumulative basis.

Park yoon-kee, a Korean dermatologist pointed out, the success of the Hyal Premium Essential stems from the fact that it works as a skin enhancer, to be applied right after cleansing to create optimal skin conditions that will make any other treatment product layered thereafter efficacious. This is especially appealing to busy woman who are looking to achieve the most results with what little time they have. Women who incorporated the serum into their daily routine were convinced of the products effectiveness.

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