Credit Card Knife Offers “Early Bird Release” of Wallet-Sized Utility Solution

ROANOKE, Va. – The Credit Card Knife has been launched, and this ultra-thin utility knife unfolds from a credit card sized sheet that can fit in a standard wallet. The company is now offering a limited time “early bird” release – the knife is free, but the customer pays for shipping. When folded, the unit is just 2.2 mm thick, and weighs 13 grams. It unfurls into a three-inch-long, surgical steel blade, that won’t rust and is treated with a durable black oxide finish, with a polypropylene handle. The rust-free steel makes the unit ideal for use in any kind of weather. 

Also included is a safety locking mechanism, which prevents any accidental cutting when the unit is folded. Its design reflects a sort of hi-tech origami. It has a built-in safety sheath. In the open position, there is a protective hilt, so hands won’t slip onto the 2.6 inch long knife blade.

The knife can be opened using one hand. This is due to a snap lock open mechanism. The knife can be used for box opening, gardening, pencil sharpening, cooking, and more. It can be used to open a coconut, chop a vegetable, and in other ways in any situation

Another unique feature of the Credit Card Knife is it is machine washable. When folded, there are no sharp edges, and no chance of damage to other items. There are also no hinged parts that can rust.

In fact, two credit cards can fit within the unit. The knife is ideal for everyday use at home or while camping, hunting, or during emergencies, such as a burglary or vehicle accident. For example, it can be used for cutting wood, bandage, or a seat belt.

The Credit Card Knife can be safely stored in the card sleeve of a wallet, or in one’s shirt, pants, or blazer. The credit card knife is free. The buyer only has to pay for the shipping, Shipping will cost $2.95 per knife as part of the limited early bird offer.

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