SportMediq Announces the Availability Of Its Superior Quality Knee Sleeves

For Perfect Knee Support during Workout Use SportMediq Knee Sleeves

SportMediq, has announced the release of its new Knee Sleeve made from high-quality Neoprene. The product is a 7mm Compression Knee Sleeve made for workouts like weightlifting, cross-fit, powerlifting, running, biking, etc. The Amazon store has also disclosed that they will be releasing many more fitness and sports accessories in coming months.

The product is made from superior material with the latest composite technology available today. It was made using a CR Grade Neoprene which is a known excellent rubber material, the same as those used in making high-end surfing wetsuits. Products from such quality of material usually have a great water resistance, a pleasing cushion feel and can be easily spot-cleaned, hand-washed and air-dried. The product provides optimum compression and support, thus offering enhanced knee support from strains while reducing pain and swelling around the joints for a fast recovery and relief from arthritis.

It offers superior comfort without worries as this compression knee sleeve doesn’t slip, unroll or fall off. Their unique design provides the best support for heavy squats, cross training, leg presses and high-intensity weight lifting. The exercise knee sleeve is available in different sizes. It is highly recommended for various knee exercises that require knee support sleeves. The SPORTMEDIQ knee compression sleeves are made of sturdy neoprene material and they feature reinforced stitching with a powerful ergonomic design that provides the perfect fit and assures maximum comfort.

Quality is also assured as the company has a 30-day hassle free return policy in place with an excellent customer service as it enjoys a number 1 rating today.

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