Vanessa Verduga Moves To Her Own Beat With New Single “Owner Of My Heart”

“Owner Of My Heart”, tells the story of a woman frustrated by the relentless pursuit of a guy who can’t seem to accept “no for an answer”

On August 02, 2016, multi-talented Latin sensation Vanessa Verduga will release her first single ” Owner Of My Heart” from her upcoming  Soy Mujer (I am Woman) CD.

Very rarely does one come across a true renaissance woman like Vanessa VerdugaVanessa started acting, singing, and dancing at age four, encouraged by a family that understood both the importance of performance art as well as education. Vanessa would as an adult pursue a career path in law, eventually earning a law degree. But it was in law school that she returned to her first love of performance, joining the student theater group there, which then led her to gain a second degree in dramatic arts. Since that time Vanessa has appeared in numerous theater productions and independent films while developing her own popular award-winning web series “Justice Woman” and writing her play “Implications Of Cohabitation” set to open off-Broadway in New York City this month. Yet, somehow between all her activities she manages to find time to sing and his put together a dynamic new hot Latin pop single.

“Owner Of My Heart”, tells the story of a woman frustrated by the relentless pursuit of a guy who can’t seem to accept “no for an answer”. It’s a familiar story for several women and one that Vanessa knows all too well. The beautiful and ambitious actress-songstress laments,  “The inspiration for this new single ‘Owner Of My Heart’ came from a few personal experiences I’ve had with guys who wouldn’t take NO for an answer and didn’t understand why I didn’t want to be with them. As if my being single and saying ‘I’m not interested in you’ wasn’t enough. They somehow thought that the more they pursued me the more I would realize that they were the one for me. It was all pretty ridiculous and frustrating. Truth is that it happens to a lot of women with men who are under the misguided assumption that being in a relationship is just what all women want. I mean, I’m open to meeting the right guy, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to go with anyone who comes my way. Besides, I live a very busy career oriented life and many times it’s not conducive to having a relationship, but I’m okay with that. When the times comes it will come.”

For Vanessa who grew up as a second generation bilingual Latin American, it was important for her to record “Owner of My Heart” in both Spanish and English or shall we say Spanglish!  “I’m Bilingual and many 2nd generation Latinos are as well so for me, Spanglish feels natural and easy.” “I take a lot of pride in the fact that many of us can go from Spanish to English with much fluidity,” says Vanessa. Although she admits that she does speak several languages and does intend to eventually sing in other languages – French, Italian, Portuguese – but for now she takes pride in celebrating and honoring her roots. “Hence the Spanglish,” adds Vanessa.

“Owner Of My Heart” features lyrics written by Vanessa Verduga, music produced by Fragment Muzik with DJ Napoles and Randy Wisky. Vocal production by Kenny O’Brien.  The single will be available nationwide through ITunes and other digital outlets.

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