Popular “Reckless Girls” are back again in the new sequel “Chasing Ghosts”

Laura Francois is back with the sequel of her second novel “Chasing Ghosts” where readers will find Mercedez, Julia, Amanda, and Angela once again sharing their ups and downs of life as young adults.

Kissimmee, Florida – August 9th, 2016 – Remember Mercedez, Julia, Amanda, and Angela and their dramatic adventures during their sophomore year that you could not stop discussing with your besties? You must be eager to know what your favorite characters are up to these days. Well, much to the pleasure of “Reckless Perfection” fans, author Laura Francois is back again with the sequel of her widely popular debut novel, “Chasing Ghosts”.

The trailer of the new young adult novel has already been released and can be checked out below:

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/6AMlp0h_23Y

“I am excited to announce the launch of the sequel to my novel. Like all their young adult fans, Mercedez, Julia, Amanda, and Angela have grown up and are more mature. “Chasing Ghosts” is about family, dating, faith, friendships, along with many relevant topics which teens face these days. If you are craving to see the “Reckless Girls” back in action since you finished the last page of “Reckless Perfection”- the sequel is here for you,” stated Francois while announcing the launch of her latest book.

Francois is the perfect example of how one can be committed to two different careers. She is passionate about nursing just as she is about being an author. She released her first book, “Reckless Perfection” in 2009 and “Chasing Ghosts” is her second published novel.

The book starts off with Mercedez, who is trying hard to get her life back on track after an eventful sophomore year. She is now focused on getting better grades, fixing broken family ties, and letting go of her unworthy ex-boyfriend. However, over the course of events, she realizes that she is still left to deal with her worst enemy- herself.

Julia is happy that her college boyfriend has finally said “I love you”. When he confesses he wants more, she is conflicted with putting God first or taking their relationship to the next level.

As Amanda strives for academic success, she pushes to become popular while dating one of the most well-known guys at school even though he is a known player.

Angela finally has peace at school. She is over the drama which troubled her school years in the past. After her mom gets back together with her ex-boyfriend- a person whom has a used Angela in the past, Angela steers clear of him. However, as tragedy strikes, Angela feels as if the man she hates is the only one who can help her.

“Chasing Ghosts” has already received rave reviews from the readers.

“It’s a wonderful coming-of-age story and the author has done an amazing job. The problems that the girls face are very realistic and it’s something that readers would be able to relate to,” said happy reader Chris Fischer.

“It’s a very interesting and easy read. There are some amazing dramatic moments and the plot actually glues the reader to the story with many twists and turns,” says Deborah Lloyd, another fascinated reader of “Chasing Ghosts”.

To get your copy of “Chasing Ghosts”, visit http://www.laurathewriter.com

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