Innovative Online Toy Seller Think ‘n Toys Announces Launch of AR Animal Flash Cards Interactive Educational Game for Preschoolers

Many parents would agree, finding a quality educational game for preschool age kids can be a surprising challenge. Think ‘n Toys hope to help. Recently, the online toy seller announced the launch of AR Animal Flash Cards Interactive Educational Game aimed at preschool aged children on Packed with fun lessons about animals and dinosaurs, kids love the release.

Finding toys and games that help educate children while they have fun playing has been proven time and time again to be a very sound parenting strategy.  Especially, at a very young age since it help sets the tone of how they will feel about school once they grow older enough to attend.  Think ‘n Toys understands this well.  The online seller specializes in high quality educational toys and games for preschoolers, recently announcing their latest release AR Animal Flash Cards Interactive Educational Game has made its debut on the marketplace.

“We are very passionate about AR Animal Flash Cards,” commented a spokesperson from Think ‘n Toys.  “The innovative new game is an Interactive 3D Learning System created to foster a curiosity for animals using a combination of engaging storytelling, eye catching images and the latest technology.  Kids love it and parents have been praising AR Animal Flash Cards for really encouraging their children’s interest in animals and teaching them more about animals every time they play.”

According to the company, AR Animal Flash Cards Interactive Educational Game serves as an early introduction to dinosaurs, land and sea animals, birds and insects.  The smart and fun game focuses on expanding the child’s vocabulary as they identify favorite animals of all kinds and learn interesting facts about dinosaurs, life in the wild and sea, and many beetle and other insect species, all while having the chance to listen to the sounds the animals and insects would hear or make themselves in their environment.

Think ‘n Toys are happy to offer a total satisfaction guaranteed policy on every AR Animal Flash Cards Interactive Game sold.  If for any reason a customer is not satisfied simply return the game and get a no-hassle refund.

Early feedback from customers has been positive across the board.

Vyshtia, a Top 500 Reviewer for Vine Voice, recently said in a five-star review, “This is a new kind of educational toy/interactive learning thing – I have never played with anything like this before and I am absolutely loving it. My 2-year-old daughter loves it as well as you will see and hear in my video. She’s only 2 and doesn’t understand the media part of it yet, but we’ve been having a lot of fun with just using the flash cards for now.  You can use as simple cardboard flashcards, play the ID game, or scan the card and interact with the creature on your phone/tablet while hearing about all the fun facts about each creature.  Covers Mammals, Birds, Insects, Dinosaurs and Sea Creatures.”

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