Canines for Disabled Kids Offers Companionship that Promotes Independence

While most people are familiar with the concept of seeing eye dogs which help the visually impaired, the use of canines to help people with other developmental, psychological and physical disabilities is less well known. These canines can provide an array of services like retrieval, simple device operation (e.g. light switches), hearing, medical monitoring, and emotional support. The 501c3 organization, Canines for Disabled Kids, has helped hundreds of young people obtain greater independence and enjoy life more by matching them with a highly trained canine companion.

Canines for Disabled Kids offers a variety of services to kids, families and communities without charge.  Canines for Disabled Kids is an advocacy group that raises public awareness about assistance dogs and helps families find training programs which may offer a suitable canine companion. The families of physically and mentally challenged children may apply for a scholarship from Canines for Disabled Kids to defray the costs of training an assistance dog.

Like all charitable organizations, Canines for Disabled Kids would like to help as many people as possible, but its resources are limited.  In order to help expand its educational and scholarship programs. Canines for Disabled Kids is currently sponsoring a fundraising campaign on In return for generous donations, donors may be eligible for a variety of perks including:

• Personalized Certificates
• Bead Relief Bracelet
• Jonathan Adler Harness
• Fifi and Romeo Gift Bag
• Water Bottle
• Paw Prints
• Fit for a Hero Gift Bag
• Fifi and Romeo Dog Bed Set
• Pedigree Basket
• Life Coaching from Rustie McDonald
• Painting
• Michael Stone Portrait

In addition to one of these valuable rewards, donors will also earn the satisfaction of knowing that they have made an enormous difference in the lives of a disabled child. To learn more about Canines for Disabled Kids or to make donation, please visit

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