New report says rising dependency of mid-sized enterprises will be a key driver for Hybrid Cloud Services Market growth.

Hybrid cloud covers both private/onsite and public/offsite cloud resources. In this cloud, virtual machines, workloads, and applications operate seamlessly across different IT environments private clouds located in data centers of enterprises or service provider centers as well as external public clouds. Hybrid clouds integrate storage, compute, security, applications, networking, and management all into a common platform.

10th August, 2016 – The new research report Global Hybrid Cloud Services Market 2016-2020 indicates the market  growth as well as recognizes the companies along with  the key players in the global  hybrid cloud services market like AWS, Microsoft, Rackspace, and VMware. Apart from it, the information for other vendors prevalent in the market is also included within the report like Avnet, BMC Software, CA Technologies, Cherwell Software, Cisco, Dimension Data, Hornbill Services, HP, IBM, LANDesk, Mulesoft¸ NTR Global, Oracle, and Unisys.

With the integrated and complete set of information, the report also throws light upon the exponential growth of cloud-based services which is quite beneficial for the start-ups through which they are able to accelerate their growth in the short span of time.

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It has been observed that in earlier times, the companies have to face huge amount of challenges in terms of costs, monitoring, and migration to the cloud. However, through incorporating hybrid cloud services, SMEs can still continue with their legacy applications with the majority of the services hosted over the cloud through backup and high availability.

The hybrid cloud helps the companies as well as start-ups to use the best practices from traditional on-premise IT infrastructure inclusive of governance, management, and standardization regardless of location. It also provides an extended platform combining public and private clouds with dedicated servers to deliver seamless performance in a customized manner. 

The report starts with the market overview along with the statistical information as offered by the top rated vendors. All the key areas of the market highlights along with the details of the economic factors are also included in the report that helps in producing the market landscape with good amount of knowledge. In addition to it, the report also analyse the market segmentation of hybrid cloud services market by application, cloud integration as well as network integration  along with the details of the  Consulting , Cloud security and  Cloud management.

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Moving further the chapters of the report throws light over the geographical segmentation of global hybrid cloud services market. Apart from this the report also talks about the challenges and the market drivers who facilitate the growth of the industry in a very productive manner. Complete vendor analysis is carried out in the report which emphasizes the details of the top vendors who are prevailing in the market like AWS, Microsoft, Rackspace, VMware.

The revenue details are also included in the report that helps the established players as well as new entrants to get the complete glimpse of the industry through the report that helps them stay focussed and also provide them with a competitive edge. It also helps them to have full-fledged analytical document on the global hybrid cloud services market 2015-2020.

Apart from this, the report helps to reap maximum benefits with enhanced performance from each component, thereby allowing companies to focus on core businesses. It also talks about the extended platform combining public and private clouds with dedicated servers to deliver seamless performance in a customized manner.

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