Entrepreneur growing new floral delivery app

Octavia Law of Fairfax, Va. is seeking donations totaling $21,500 by Sept. 01, 2016 to launch her new floral delivery app.  Five backers have pledged $2823 so far.  

The Poppy App is a project currently in development by Poppy Technologies, Inc. that will offer fresh flower deliveries from local growers that match consumers’ homes or offices.

“Whereas other online flower vendors such as The Bouqs or H.Bloom offer extravagant bouquets often for special occasions, Poppy is more of an everyday flower service,” said Law, founder and CEO.   

Poppy offers annual floral subscription services. The bouquets are smaller because they are meant to go in places like bathrooms, counters, or bedside tables, according to Law.

“Flowers shouldn’t be a special occasion item,” she stated. “When I lived in London, it was popular to have a fresh bouquet of flowers on your kitchen table all year round – which is actually how I thought of the idea for Poppy. I found it annoying to have to constantly throw away dead flowers at the end of every week, and wished there was an app that would always deliver matching bouquets of flowers to your house,  so I invented one.”

Law has an international utility patent pending for her Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) app for flower farmers to sell field-to-vase flower subscriptions to consumers who want to use their phone to take pictures of their house and receive matching bouquets on a regular basis.

This new ‘Floral Design Processing System’ makes flower-buying easy by matching the colors of your space to the colors of flowers available in a database of flowers populated by vendors who fall within proximity of a user’s location.

“The end result?” says Law. “Pops of flowers throughout your house – a little luxury made super inexpensive – thanks to Poppy’s farm-direct approach.”

Law stated there is growing support for the field-to-vase flower movement because supporting local business is a form of sustainable economics. Floral providers can ship weekly, bi-weekly, thrice monthly or monthly flowers through Poppy to consumers in the United States.

“When the flowers come straight from the farm, they last much longer than store-bought flowers, so you don’t need to re-order as often,” Law says “It’s a lifestyle brand. So if you can afford to subscribe [to Poppy], then why not?

“Flowers make people happy. In fact, science shows that not only do flowers make us happier than we know, but flowers displayed in places like foyers, living rooms, and bedrooms bring about positive emotional feelings in those who enter a room” (Rutgers 2005).

Law stated she founded on the principles of sustainability, innovation, and excellency with an emphasis placed on affordable luxury

“Even one fresh flower can make a statement,” says Law, who is now involved in the floral industry both entrepreneurially and philanthropically.

She is a member of the Young Professionals Council of the American Floral Endowment, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing floriculture research.

For more information about Poppy Technologies, Inc. or to make a pledge, go to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/poppyapp/the-poppy-app-farm-fresh-flowers/

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