Crowdfunding – Dusty Brush: A Flexible Hoover Brush for every Niche and Cleaning despite Small Parts

Dusty-Brush: for household use, manual work, hardware, electronics, auto, animal care, crafting, …

Kreuzlingen, Kreuzlingen – August 10, 2016 – Housewives, car owners, and even craftsmen all have one problem in common: traditional vacuum cleaners don’t get into nooks and crannies very well, no matter how many attachments they come with. They’re inefficient in corners too. It’s also much too easy to suck up small components while cleaning out dusty drawers, containers, or your desk. They’re also too rough to vacuum out sensitive technology and electronics, such as PC fans and circuit boards.

Now, Dusty-Brush is changing the game: This universal vacuum cleaner makes solving problems like these child’s play. It is shaped like a long brush made of flexible suction tubes, and can reliably suck up dust and dirt no matter where it’s hiding. Dusty-Brush was developed by a Swiss start-up company – now, the company is introducing its innovative product to the public through a crowdfunding campaign.

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Dominic Moraitis, co-developer of Dusty-Brush: “A flexible, brush-shaped vacuum cleaner attachment that can reach everywhere, only sucks up dirt, and also has anti-static properties – that’s the idea behind Dusty-Brush.” To do all this, the start-up developed specialized suction tubes that are both flexible and sturdy, and arranged so that they only minimally reduce the suction power of your vacuum cleaner. This not only means Dusty-Brush can get into every nook and cranny, it’s also impossible for the brush to suck up small items.

The areas where you can use Dusty-Brush are as diverse as your everyday life: Radiators, niches, toy and storage boxes of any type and size, crafting, writing, and work tables, small spaces in your car, drawers in your home or workshop – anywhere you’ve always had trouble, or found it impossible to vacuum before. In addition, Dusty-Brush is anti-static and low friction. This means you can also protect your sensitive electronics, like circuit boards or fans, while you effectively rid them of dust. You can also use Dusty-Brush to care for your pets. The brush attachment sucks loose hairs and skin flakes from deep in your pet’s fur.

Dusty-Brush is constructed from a large number of long, thin suction tubes with available diameters of 1.8 mm, 2.3 mm, or 2.88 for coarser dirt particles. This construction allows the tubes to distribute themselves flexibly throughout cracks, gaps, and around edges, without losing their original brush shape. The small tube diameter means the brush won’t suck up small components. Dusty-Brush is compatible with all currently available vacuum cleaner models, and has a universal fit.

The goal of the recently launched crowdfunding campaign is to get the new vacuum cleaner adapter ready for series production. Interested parties can support the project on Kickstarter, and receive a 40% discount in return.

About Dusty-Brush:

Dusty-Brush is a start-up for product development and distribution, headquartered in Kreuzlingen on Lake Constance. It is headed by a father and son team. Nico Moraitis is a designer and engineer with many years of experience in the industry, and provides support to companies in tackling challenging technical problems. Besides development, he is responsible for the entire production process at Dusty-Brush, as well as for tool manufacturing and logistics. Dominic Moraitis, responsible for operations at Dusty-Brush, is a construction mechanic and is currently finishing his mechanical engineering degree.


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