Young Fine HK Trading Ltd offers variety of high quality bulb lighting products

Young Fine HK Trading Ltd is specialized in manufacturing energy efficient lighting bulbs. All its products are durable and meet the standard international norms.

People often look for those lighting products that not only consume less power but also emit bright shiny light to change the existing atmosphere of a room. There many companies that are specialized in making different types of energy efficient lighting products for various purposes. Young Fine HK Trading Limited is one such agency that supplies wide range of lighting bulb products to various clients around the globe. This firm always emphasizes on product quality to meet the global demand especially for rural lighting projects, hotel retrofits, public building projects and many other energy saving projects. All its bulbs are manufactured under the supervision of experienced team with extreme attention to detail.

This agency offers incandescent bulb in wide range of sizes, colors light output and voltage ratings to increase the purchasing options of the customers. This bulb requires no external regulating equipment and works well equally on either alternating current or direct current system. So this bulb has good application in different commercial and household lighting along with portable lighting that includes flashlights, car headlamps, and table lamps as well as for decorative and advertising lighting. Customers can visit the official website of this company to thoroughly read the technical specs and other utilities of these bulbs.

The company offers different types of LED filament bulb that not only ensures significant reduction in power consumption but also generates very less heat. These bulbs never emit ultra-violet light so they do not attract bugs. Light coming out from these bulbs does not cause any strain to the eyes. These bulbs arrive with extended lifespan compared to the traditional bulbs. These are the ideal lighting products to impart a pleasing environment in the sitting room and bedrooms. These bulbs often emit golden soft glow light when used in table lamps or as accent lights.

A55 halogen

The UV germicidal lamp is a special type of lamp that emits ultraviolet light for the purpose of disrupting the process of DNA base pairing in order to kill harmful bacteria, virus and other disease causing water borne germs. It can also be used for producing ozone for water disinfection. The firm ensures timely delivery of ordered items once receiving payments from the customers.

The company has also acquired global recognition in offering top quality infrared lamps that have good demand in various industrial units. These lamps have also good application in night vision devices where visible light will be objectionable. These are also used in certain industrial and scientific instruments for chemical analysis.

About Young Fine HK Trading Limited

Young Fine HK Trading Limited is specialized in manufacturing varieties of bulb lighting products. The firm has business experience of over 20 years. To know more, viewers can log on to its website.

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