Power Scraper – “Next Gen” Scraper that Does What No Other Scraper does – Scrapes From Social Media Accounts

Power Scraper is a fast and efficient email scraper that gathers emails from social media. It is very beneficial for businesses who spends a lot of time and money collecting emails so that they can sell their products and services. Using this tool, thousands of emails can be gathered with minimal effort.

It offers a cutting edge service that scrapes emails not from Google but from the social media. The tool is safe to use too and it won’t lead to banning of the user’s account. It provides fresh emails instantly, unlike other tools which give emails that are already used by various marketers.

By using Power Scraper, the emails have a higher chance of being received by the customers since they are being sent to fresh email addresses. There is definitely a good possibility that they will receive the emails in their inboxes and ultimately read them afterward. The entire process is done automatically and can also be done with assistance from proxies.

Proxies will prevent the IP address of the user from getting banned by Google because of pulling too much data from it. Power Scraper will allow the user to use fast IPs, which masked their real IP online, those preventing banning. There are a lot of IPs to choose from so running out of working IPs is never a possibility with Power Scraper. The tool is ethical and effective to use for all internet marketers who are trying to gain a wider audience.

Social Media is the best source of email addresses since that is where people usually put their main contacts. Power Scraper will gather those contacts with speed and accuracy. It has “Safe Scrape” Technology that further ensures proper delivery of emails.

The tool is very easy to use. After purchasing the tool, users will be instructed to login to the member’s area and download the software afterward. Next, they will have to put their email and password so they can start using the tool.

After running the software, the user can choose the preferred platforms or social media sites that will be the source of the targeted emails. They can also put a custom platform by entering its web address. Next, the location and keyword should be put in the given area. The user can then click “scrape proxies” to use proxy sites or click “scrape emails” to finally scrape for targeted emails. Save the scraped data to add them to the user’s list of emails.

That is how easy and effortless it is. Everything is automated and there is little input required from the user. It is safe too, since proxies can be used in the process. Internet marketing has never been this easier.

Power Scraper offers Power Scraper Liter and Power Scraper Pro. The Lite version can only scrape emails from Facebook, YouTube, and LinkIn while the Pro version allows scraping on Facebook, YouTube, LinkIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Google+, and on a custom platform.

It also has a 7-day money back guarantee, so users are saved from the risk of being unsatisfied with the software. They give 24 hours guaranteed response professional support for one year and a professional level 17 module education and training on email marketing.

Try Power Scraper now and gain a wider audience that ultimately leads to a bigger profit. 

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