Revolutionary Exclusive Online Video Course and DVD ‘Freedom from Pain-Today’ Assures Guaranteed Relief from Acute and Chronic Pain

Award winning therapist and best-selling co-author Paul Emery has come up with a first-of-its kind online video course and DVD “Freedom from Pain-Today” that assures quick relief from any acute and chronic physical pain from headaches to back ache through cutting-edge proven and exclusive techniques.

Bangkok, Bangrak – August 10th, 2016 – All those down with physical pain can finally heave a sigh of relief! Leading therapist Paul Emery has joined up with a selected international team of video course creators & experts to release a web-based groundbreaking video and DVD course entitled “Freedom from Pain-Today” – that offers proven never-heard-before self-applied techniques that guarantee effective relief from acute and chronic physical pain.

The exclusive first-of-its-kind course, which is currently being written in a book form, was launched on on July 10th, 2016 and by DVD has already received great response and acclaim.

“If you have been suffering for long and traditional healing methods have just failed to cure your acute or chronic pain, our new groundbreaking course would be just the thing for you. Rightly titled as ‘Freedom from Pain-Today’, the one hour video course is all about scientifically proven, tested, effective and self-applied pain relief techniques which nobody has ever combined together before.

“It will cater to anybody who is suffering from any sort of physical discomfort – be it pain in the back or shoulder or neck or joint issues, PMS, headaches or sports/accident related injuries and so on. And yes, we guarantee 85% success rate”, stated the esteemed Paul.

Paul, an NLP Master Practitioner is also an EFT Trainer, certified Havening Techniques expert, TFT Advanced Practitioner & has co-authored two very popular international best-selling books with Jack Canfield (‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’) and Brian Tracy (‘Maximum Achievement’), and was awarded the coveted ‘AsiaSpa Holistic Treatment of the Year 2010’.

He has trained with some of the most esteemed specialized doctors & healthcare pros like Dr. Richard Bandler, Dr. Ronald Ruden, Gary Craig, Paul McKenna etc. – the very prestigious experts who have played a key role in researching & developing the painless & effective pain relieving techniques described in “Freedom from Pain-Today”. Paul has been the guide for many big honchos out there including top CEOs, Movie Stars, Supermodels, Royalty, Pop & Rock stars and so on.

“Paul is just great…it helped me!” said supermodel celeb Kate Moss who is one of the happy users of Paul’s methods now demonstrated in this exclusive revolutionary course.

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Speaking on the amazing features of “Freedom from Pain-Today”, Paul extended a long pleasant list:

• Also reduces negative emotions like stress, sadness, anger, anxiety etc. which research shows often abet or can be a root cause to many physical problems of which when addressed can have a remarkable impact
• Easy, yet groundbreaking cutting-edge techniques that can be performed by anybody, anywhere without any medication, lotion or equipment
• Benefits felt quick and almost immediately
• Safe & natural techniques only
• No requirement of previous medical knowledge
• Techniques described are easy to understand & implement
• Special advanced section would help in curing stubborn pain
• 2 free of charge bonus videos
• Free surprise gift would be offered as the course ends
• Carries complimentary module PDF worksheets

“The revolutionary course assures a happier & healthier you with just a few easy techniques. The first of-its-kind course will also be beneficial to doctors, chiropractors, therapists and other health care experts who are looking for a unique & innovative additional tool in their treatments.”

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