New-age Kitchen Hack by Noosa life Puts end to all dishwasher frustrations

Leading lifestyle product manufacturer Noosa Life has recently launched its new-age dishwasher magnet clean & dirty sign indicator on Amazon that clears the usual doubts about whether the dishes in the washer are actually dirty or clean

Queensland, Australia – August 10th, 2016 – “Are they dirty or are they clean?”…our busy life and packed schedule usually makes us forget whether the dishes inside our dishwasher are actually dirty or clean and often times we end up getting another unnecessary round of cleanup, only to realize later that those were already cleaned up. But not anymore. Leading lifestyle product manufacturer Noosa Life has just launched a new age dishwasher magnet “Dishwasher Magnet CLEAN & DIRTY Sign Indicator” which has promised to put an end to all such dishwasher frustrations from now on.

The product is launched on Amazon and comes in two elegant options of black and silver.

“We are excited to announce the launch of our new-generation dishwasher magnet that will make your dishwasher experience more comfortable and simpler. It’s the latest ‘kitchen hack’ that you have been waiting for to relieve you from the constant question of whether the dishes are dirty and clean. Our dishwasher magnet offers you a smarter and comfortable way to secure the reins of your kitchen in your own hands”, smiled Ava Faye, the leading spokesperson from Noosa Life.

The latest dishwasher magnet comes with 3M dual sided adhesive tabs which allows it to stick easily to any kind of surface, irrespective of the dishwasher make. Bold big letters & bright Red & Green Colors on the Indicator sign ensures easy legibility from anywhere in the kitchen.

“You can easily attach the dishwasher magnet on your dishwasher and keep the indicator on Dirty Red when you set your dirty dishes in the dishwasher. But, the moment you turn the machine on, change the indicator sign to Green Clean – so that you can always have a hang about the latest updates about your plates. It will prevent another round of unmindful cleanup when you have forgotten whether the dishes were dirty or clean. It’s something that every kitchen needs today.”

The dishwasher magnet carries a dimension of 7” x 2” that assures easy readability without making it overwhelming. It’s a scratch free magnet, backed by the needed ability to withstand daily wear and tear.

“We know you are going to use the dishwasher every day and hence need something that can stand undeterred despite daily use. Thus, our latest ‘kitchen hack’ is made scratch resistant and is also backed by water-resistant materials. Customer satisfaction is the most important watchword for us and we promise you optimum quality and functionality with our product. Most importantly, we are so confident that we are even ready for a 100 percent cash back guarantee in case of customer dissatisfaction”, Faye added in.

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Noosa Life’s Dishwasher Magnet CLEAN & DIRTY Sign Indicator has earned rave reviews and a solid 4.6 rating on 5 from happy customers.

“Most probably it’s an amazing Magic Magnet”, one of the happy users had remarked.

“It’s just mind-blowing and I would recommend it to all”, noted another elated user.

To get your part of Noosa Life’s Dishwasher Magnet CLEAN & DIRTY Sign Indicator, visit Amazon.

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