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ChalkTastic has just announced the Amazon launch of their new product Chalk Marker Pen Mega Pack. The product pack contains eighteen high-quality chalk pens suited for a wide range of applications.

11th Aug, 2016 – ChalkTastic is delighted to announce that the just launched mega pack of their Chalk Marker Pen is now up for sale in It is relevant to mention here that this product is functionally similar to the company’s highly acclaimed set of marker pens. However, this new product contains as many as eighteen chalk markers, ten more compared to the previous product that is currently an Amazon bestseller. Company sources have revealed that this product has been introduced because many of the users of the smaller pack requested a larger one with more color options.

ChalkTastic is an experienced manufacturer of several chalk based products that have been extremely successful at Their chalk based markers contain a high-quality liquid chalk offering different attention grabbing colors. These markers are perfectly suited for decorating almost all types of non-porous surfaces such as glass, ceramic, blackboard, metal, mirror, etc. The liquid chalk contained in these chalk pens is non-toxic and odor-free. Therefore, the product can be used safely by the children. Alongside the kids, this product is also popular amongst their teachers as an effective teaching supply. Many of these teachers feel that the bright colors of these markers make it easier to attract the attention of the students. The product’s 6mm reversible tip is also liked by the teachers because it allows them the flexibility of a fine tip marker and a chisel tip marker.

ChalkTastic’s Chalk Marker Pen Mega Pack is currently selling in Amazon for $19.77 only. Company sources have informed that a lucrative sales promotion will be launched very soon for the Amazon shoppers purchasing the product. ChalkTastic is also working on introducing many other attractive deals for the buyers of their new product.

Announcing the Amazon launch of  ChalkTastic’s Chalk Marker Pen Mega Pack, a senior official from the company stated, “We are extremely happy to announce the Amazon launch of the new, Mega Pack of our Chalk Marker Pen. Our entire team has worked hard to ensure this launch as per schedule. Please visit our Amazon store to take home this new set of eighteen chalk markers.”  

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ChalkTastic is an organization dedicated to delivering high-quality accessories made of chalk. Three products from the company are now selling successfully at 

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