Estream is a Portable, Water-powered Generator that Can Charge Up to Three USB Devices

For many outdoorsmen, it is important they remain connected through their phones or tablets, but without a power source, these USB devices quickly die.  A new portable, water-powered charger called Estream can now provide that charge from almost anywhere.  This patented design allows campers, hikers or kayakers to insert Estream into a stream or attach it to the rear of a watercraft and start generating electricity.  After just four and a half hours, you will have up to 6,400 mAh in the battery which can then charge up to three phones, tablets or GoPros. 

This ingenious device fits comfortably in a backpack or your hand.  The Estream uses a modular design allowing users to take it apart when not in use or use only the components you need, e.g. the battery charger. It is extremely easy to assemble and use.  Just snap down the turbine fins and secure Estream to a stream bed or kayak, and you will have a power source for your USB device.  The lithium-ion battery has ports for USB or micro USB cables along with an LED indicator detailing the amount of charge available. Estream can also function as a lantern, even underwater. 

This durable, rechargeable generator is perfect for outdoorsmen of all types, but Estream also represents an innovative design philosophy that utilizes powerful renewable energy sources like water, wind and solar.  Manufacturer Enomad is committed to creating an entire line of products that minimize impact on our environment as well as offer maximum functionality for our users.

Estream will soon be essential for outdoor trips, but you can now get your very own through a Kickstarter campaign sponsored by innovative manufacturer Enomad. In addition to your own Estream, you may also get perks like T-shirts, stickers, messenger bags, carabiner, turbine protector, or USB cable when you back this campaign.

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