SaveOnBrew Rolls Out Brand New Promotional Tool for Beer Brewers & Retailers

Despite beer’s ever-rising popularity in America, website publishers have failed to make information easy-to-find… that is, until now. In 2010, became the only search engine for beer prices and deals. This innovation helped connect local beer retailers big and small with thirsty consumers in search of bargains and their favorite brands. Best of all, it was free for brewers and retailers to advertise on the site. With over 300,000 unique impressions per month, the idea is clearly a hit. Yet, the founders of SaveOnBrew didn’t stop there.

“We asked our retail partners what their biggest advertising challenges were,” explains Mark Davidson of SaveOnBrew. “We had a lot of craft brewers mention that they were constantly expanding to new areas, but it seemed like the public was not aware. So we thought Beer Maps would be the perfect solution.”

With Beer Maps powered by SaveOnBrew, brewers can include a link on their website that takes consumers right to a Google map with all their retail locations clearly marked. All they have to do is ask their distribution network to provide all retail locations and SaveOnBrew does all the geo-coding needed to set up the map. When a customer arrives to the map, he or she simply types in a zip code or address to find the nearest retail locations selling the company’s beer.

“Beer Maps work exceptionally well for smaller craft brewers who want to easily answer the question, ‘Where can I buy your beer?'” says James Smith, Senior VP of Marketing and Sales. “We’ve gotten great feedback so far. We feel brewers shouldn’t have to worry about technology and online advertising, so we take care of that. They just do what they do best – brew delicious beer for our consumption!”

Chain beer retailers such as drug stores, supermarkets, gas station and liquor stores are also using SaveOnBrew’s Beer Maps tool to advertise their foray into selling specialty craft brews and offering deeply discounted cases. This is especially important, considering beer sales in convenience stores rose by 1.3 percent last year, totaling more than $16.7 billion in sales. All in all, small convenience stores represent 17 percent of beer sales in America. With the click of a button, retailers will let consumers know they are in the business of selling beer!

To learn more about how the system works, beer brewers are encouraged to visit for an interactive demo. They may also visit to learn about other advertising opportunities through the site.

About SaveOnBrew.Com: Founded in 2010 to help thirsty beer drinkers across the United States find the lowest advertised prices for one of the world’s most popular beverages.

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