Poolside Chats is making waves… with new Celebrity Host Jessica Durbin

Poolside Chats is what happens when a delusional celebrity-wannabe hosts her own internet talk show in her backyard kiddie pool in attempt for stardom, but struggles to garner any followers.

LOS ANGELES, CA – 12 Aug, 2016 – Martha Schad, actress/writer and creator behind the notorious Jessica Durbin and Poolside Chats has created this hilarious satire on the reality show genre and self-proclaimed celebrities. What you get is pure, entertaining fun and a belly full of laughs!

Self-declared celebrity, Jessica Durbin, decked out in metallic clothing and a platinum wig, hosts her own internet talk show in her backyard kiddie pool. Frantic to jump-start her career in the entertainment industry before they (the entertainment industry) can reject her for being “too old”, Jessica wrangles, bribes, and blackmails to get “celebrity” guest stars and begs viewers to subscribe to her channel in hopes of reaching the coveted million followers before her looming milestone birthday. 

“With nearly impossible beauty and age standards and fewer well-developed strong female roles, it is not only difficult to break-in to the industry, but also to have a long and fulfilling career as an actress.  I am determined to help change the status quo in the entertainment industry starting with Poolside Chats.  I want women of any age, body type, or race to see Jessica’s determination in Poolside Chats and find the strength within to go after their dream in any industry regardless of what anybody says or thinks.  I don’t recommend using all of Jessica’s tactics, but definitely think big.  Embrace yourself.  Love yourself.  It only takes one person to believe in you.  You.  Make some waves,” states Schad.

Poolside Chats will launch August 15, 2016 on the Official Poolside Chats YouTube Channel and new episodes will air every Monday at 9:00 am PST.  Martha Schad serves as Creator, Writer, Producer and stars as the lead character, Jessica Durbin. The first 9-episode first season is directed by Roman Cuilla Martinez with a bonus blooper episode.  The series is produced by Nora’s North Productions out of Los Angeles, CA. 

Nora’s North began with inspiration from Schad’s grampaw made up stories on the farm to entertain the grandkids or when she and her siblings pretended they were mermaids in the shallow end of the lake, but since childhood, storytelling has been her passion. The company’s namesake was in memory of Martha’s dynamic, headstrong sister Nora.

“Nora used to think that the direction she turned to face was always north… she was very passionate, liked to do things her way, and didn’t let things get in her way, so it was Nora’s way… Nora’s North.”

Martha Schad is an eclectic artist from Mid-Missouri and currently resides in Los Angeles in pursuit of her acting dream (et al:  Stunt double for Zooey Deschanel in the “Parking Spot” episode of The New Girl as well as Jessica Alba in her movie The Veil).  Determined to become a working actress, she attended the Act One Writing Program in 2010 so she could develop and portray characters for herself.  Her first project as creator, writer, producer, and star was Kid Sister, a spec commercial for the Doritos Crash the Superbowl contest in 2015, where she performs as a stilt-walker.  This skill has also landed her work on NCIS-Los Angeles and A.N.T. Farm.  She is currently working on two children’s books to be published in 2017 and developing a second season for Poolside Chats.  In her spare-time, she designs avant-garde magnetic jewelry.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjUxm6aIBAE

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