New Product Helps People Stay Organized, Both At Home, In the Office And While Camping

12 August, 2016 – Busy Life Products proudly announces the launch of its new product, Busy Life Premium Car Organizer. Busy Life Premium Car Organizer is an on the go solution for groceries, sporting equipment, pet supplies, and camping. Designed with simplicity, the multi-functional  foldable organizer is simply a necessity for everyone. It can be used as a mud room organizer, garage storage and keeping the car trunk easily organized. The product is available for purchase on Amazon.

Busy life Products started in 2014, with the goal of delivering leading quality in the area of convenience ad organization; this is what the new product is created to achieve. Busy Life Premium Car Organizer is a solution to the common problem of car trunk disorderliness. With its elastic band, it can be used as storage, keeping the car trunk neat and well organized.

“The simple design of the Busy Life Car Organizer is something our current customers were asking for, and we are sure our new customers will love the design as well.” Says Paul Ruger, Busy Life marketing director.

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He says further, “The Busy Life Car Organizer is a clear improvement to other organizers on Amazon. As you unfold the organizer, you quickly notice its sturdiness. Simplicity is also a strength with its quick fold-up design that is secured by an elastic band and well as its built-in handles and bottom support plates. We were excited to introduce our organizer to the Amazon marketplace.”

The product promotion begins on Saturday, August 13th and ends Monday, August 15th. Buyers will have the limited chance to get The Busy Life Organizer at 20% off.

About The Company

R Family Custom Products is a small team led by husband and wife, Paul and Laura. The brand, Busy Life, is aimed at providing busy families with excellent quality products for organizing their vehicles. The company is all about old fashioned principals of doing business – providing exceptional quality products at an affordable price, complemented by outstanding customer service.

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Company Name: Busy Life Products
Contact Person: Laura and Paul Ruger
Country: United States