Do Our Presidential Candidates Have Enough Grit?

August, Oklahoma – The United States is hurtling toward an election in November with two candidates who both have record-high negative ratings. With voters poised to choose a new president, many are wondering whether either candidate is, in fact, a leader.

“Both candidates appear to be resourceful in dealing with challenges,” said Dr. Daryl Green, noted author and business professor at Oklahoma Baptist University. “However, the jury is still out if one of these candidates have the grit to get up out of some critical problems ahead…Grit counts!”

On his blog, Dr. Daryl Green examines what it means to be an effective leader. Something that requires grit.

“Problems will arise. Trouble will come, and leaders who possess intrinsic drive will have the highest chance of overcoming obstacles and external factors in their environment,” said Green.

Of course, the need for grit isn’t limited to political candidates. It’s a quality that’s business leaders, and even athletes need if they want to achieve their goals consistently.

So where does grit come from? What does it look like in practice? How can you get more of it? Dr. Green provides some of those answers in his most recent blog post, Grit in Effective Leadership, to ensure leaders know what they need to do to ensure they’re prepared for the challenges they will face.

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About Dr. Daryl Green

Dr. Daryl Green is a nationally recognized author who writes a syndicated online column has been noted and quoted in major media outlets, including USA Today, Associated Press, Ebony, and BET. He is a professor at the Oklahoma Baptist University in the business department and has previously worked as an adjunct professor at Lincoln Memorial University and as a faculty member at Knoxville College. Dr. Green has spent more than 20 years helping organizations and thousands of individuals make good decisions through his lectures, seminars, and columns.

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