Texarkana’s George Moricz, MD Has Discovered The Solution To The Hormonal Dilemma — Bringing Renewed Sexual Vitality To Women In Midlife — Many Call This The Fountain of Youth

Knowing one’s Hormonal Blueprint immediately changes everything, from regaining focus, more energy, better weight control, to youthful sexuality.

TEXARKANA, TEXAS, August 13, 2014. It is no secret that as people age, their hormonal levels decrease. Along with the resulting chemical imbalance are the cascade of symptoms. This can paint a bleak future for women facing their middle years. Do they really have to tolerate hot flashes, lack of energy, moodswings, loss of libido, weight gain, muscle loss, low immune function, lack of libido, and the list goes on. Their male counterparts have much the same to look forward to. The question is: Does it have to be this way?

The answer is a resounding “NO”, thanks to the work of a Texarkana, Texas, Physician named George Moricz, MD, who is at the cutting edge of anti-aging and hormonal medicine. His own life experience with personal medical issues that were not responding to mainstream medicine’s protocols put him on a path that led him to discover the secret of Hormonal Blueprinting.

Imagine if a persons time-clock can be set-back to their twenties or thirties. They would enjoy a rejuvenation that would be like being reborn. When a person wakes-up in the morning, they should be full of optimism and energy, fully rested and ready to enjoy the day. It is hard to be that way when a hormonal imbalance is present. Dr. Moricz researched this problem for many years before authoring a definitive book on the subject entitled, “Body Hormone Balance Revolution”, which is truly an insiders guide to recharging youthful sexuality.

Every person has a different body chemistry, so there is no “One size fits all” that works. Dr. Moricz approaches this problem on an individual basis. Each patient’s body chemistry is analyzed to determine where the deficiencies lay. As the individual’s natural hormones are modulated to be in perfect balance, miracles occur. Aging greatly slows down, and this is at a cellular level, meaning that not only is a person’s outward appearance more youthful, but their internal organs will heal themselves and function as they did many years earlier.

Dr. George makes it easy to understand how bringing the body into hormonal balance will influence many biophysical-systems in the human body. Sustainable weight-loss is possible by balancing key hormones. Symptoms of Menopause and Andropause can be controlled through natural hormonal modulation. Dr. George has discovered the secrets of boundless energy without the use of harmful stimulants. Over the past 10 years, Dr. Moricz developed what is now known as the BODY HORMONE BALANCE SYSTEM. Founder of the “HORMONAL BLUEPRINT SYSTEM” and author of the Body Hormone Balance Revolution, Dr. Moricz has been transforming lives with the Body Hormone Balance Anti-Aging System. His background and expertise in hormones has enabled him to care for a number of clients suffering with hormonal imbalance, fatigue and weight management issues. The range of services that his BODY HORMONE BALANCE Program provides include: bioidentical hormone therapy, nutraceutical supplementation and modern therapeutic approaches for healthy and youthful aging.

For complete information, please visit: The Body Hormone Balance Revolution

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