IV Vitamin Therapy Philadelphia: IV Me MD Offers A Menu Of Vitamin And Mineral IV’s To The Greater Philadelphia Area

PHILADELPHIA, PA – 15 Aug, 2016 – IV Me MD, the first and leading IV therapy-focused practice in Philadelphia, announces the availability of a variety of IV Vitamin Therapy Philadelphia selections.

Daniel Lebowitz MD, owner of IV Me MD says, “Vitamin IV therapy is a great way to feel better, sooner.  If you are sick with cold or flu, IV fluid infused with high levels of vitamins and minerals can help many people get back on their feet–and back on their game.  You can hydrate more quickly and more efficiently through an IV than by drinking.  Also, you can achieve much higher systemic levels of vitamins and minerals via iv.  In addition to colds and flu,these IV vitamin and mineral solutions can help if you are hung over, jet-lagged, are seeking a mental or physical performance edge, or even if you want to give your skin a radiant glow.”

IV Me MD’s selection of Philadelphia IV vitamin therapies has been specifically formulated by Dr. Lebowitz to unleash powerful wellness effects geared toward specific situations.

The menu of IV’s includes:

• IV Me (hydration)
• Hangover Cure & Epic Hangover Cure
• Peak Performance (physical and mental performance)
• Mega C (for cancer support, immunity and wellness)
• Radiance (for anti-aging and beautiful skin glow)
• Immune Max (cold and flu support and prevention)
• Injectable Wellness (overall wellness)

In addition to the IV’s, a variety of injections and IV pushes are available.  These range from a B12 shot for a quick energy boost, to lipotropic injections for enhanced weight loss, to glutathione injections for detox, immunity and brighter skin.

If you would like to learn more about IV Me MD’s Philadelphia Vitamin IV Therapy solutions, you can visit their website at ivmemd.com

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