Kristie Overstreet Announces the Upcoming Release of Her Antidotal Book for Failing Relationship

The informative book, which is set for release on August 27, 2016, will teach individuals who are keen on repairing their dysfunctional relationship or looking for soul mate fantastic tips to stop ruining their relationships

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., August 15, 2016 — Everyone would want to live in honeymoon-­‐ambience perpetually by avoiding certain imperfections in relationship. However, it is evident how the nitty-­‐gritty of life absorbs them, thereby making their romance life take a back seat. Besides, so many people are seeking for their perfect match, not realizing the key is being a complete person and having a healthy relationship with oneself before creating one with someone else. These concerns should be dispelled by “Fix Yourself First: 25 Tips to Stop Ruining Your Relationships,” an antidotal book for failing relationships, set for release on August 27, 2016. Kristie Overstreet, the author, is a psychotherapist and certified sex therapist who specializes in relationships, transgender identity, and sex therapy. Besides providing LGBTQIA inclusiveness training to schools, corporations, and businesses, her many years of experience working as a therapist has bequeathed to her the opportunity to motivate people to betheir bestand she believes that everyone is the best expert in their own life. Kristie is the president of Therapy Department, a private practice that provides counseling and consulting services throughout the United States. Using a fascinating approach, Kristie passionately wrote the incredible book to make each tip give comprehensive solutions to different relationship issues in an easy and understanding way. She gives great insight to motivate, encourage, and affirm that it is possible to stop a relationship from getting ruined. To make the book more thrilling, Kristie designed “Fix Yourself First: 25 Tips to Stop Ruining Your Relationships,” to be perfect for individuals seeking to find their soul mate.

“A healthy couple is one that allows and celebrates growth in one another versus an unhealthy couple that allows no room for individual growth, Kristie explained. When you stop blaming others and take full accountability for your actions, you will see a drastic change in your life.” Readers will learn about their current actions and behavior patter unconditional love, a possessive attitude, and ‘I am always right’ syndrome. In addition, the guide will teach the specific techniques of how to behave appropriately in relationships, and the easy steps needed to creating a healthier one.

 “If you want to be valued, appreciated, and loved then treat your partner that way. If you don’t get it back from your partner, you may need to make other plans. Your act of stuffing and stacking how you feel with the focus on trying to please others will keep you stuck in a miserable place,” Kristie stated.

While there are many books providing relationship advice, Kristie gives new -­‐ and much broader -­‐ meaning to the term “Fix Yourself First” demonstrating individual’sthat knowledge constitutes a major priority in his/ her relationship world.

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Kristie Overstreet is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), Licensed Professional Counselor (LPCC), Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Certified Sex Therapist (CST) and Certified Addiction Professional ). (CAPShe has ten yearsclinicalof experience working as a therapist and speaking across the United States. Kristie is licensed in Florida, California, Georgia, and Louisiana, and she is currently working on her Ph.D. in Clinical Sexology.

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