UK Consumer Panels© Launch in-Home Usage Testers Service for Market/Product Research

The new service is offered for local and national companies. In-Home Usage Testing (IHUT) allows a company who believe they have a guaranteed winner, to have that product tested by real consumers before it goes to market. Through UK Consumer Panels©, Brand Managers, Product Managers and Research Managers can tweak their products or services to avoid failure and maximize their profits.

UK Consumer Panels©  is pleased to announce their In-Home Usage Testers Service has been launched. The service aims to support companies and make their new products more successful. The UK Consumer Panels©  In-Home Usage Testing service helps Brand Managers, Product Managers, Research Managers or small businesses gain independent feedback from product testers who will evaluate the product and share their experience.

The service allows the client to gain real consumer feedback on a variety of products to avoid expensive mistakes when launching the product. By using the In-House Usage Testers service, the client can have access to all the data and determine if any changes are needed to make the product a real success. In-Home Usage Testing also helps find defects to the product that may have been missed. Through the service, it will allow clients to avoid expensive marketing and manufacturing mistakes.

UK Consumer Panels© In-Home Usage Testers service aims to add value to the market research needed before the product goes on the market. Through the service, and finding out what real consumers think in an independent environment, it could save a company thousands if not millions of dollars on launching the product to market.

Thousands of new products come to market each year. However, a large portion of those product fail and millions of dollars are lost through the lack of research or failing to gain independent opinions. For a product to stand out, it not only needs to provide a consumer with a solution to a problem, but it also requires to have a unique selling point. That unique selling point can be found through In-House Usage Testers, a service that UK Consumer Panels©  provide.

Some of the important aspects of In-Home Usage Testing include:

-Confirms the unique selling point of the product
-Provides independent honest feedback on the product
-Tests out the brand awareness
-Helps to find defects in the product or marketing campaign

UK Consumer Panels©, with their dedication and experience in providing clients with honest feedback from consumers, has quickly become one of the most trusted In-Home Usage Testing services in the United Kingdom.

For more details on the services provides, and to avoid expensive mistakes taking a product to market, please contact

About UK Consumer Panels
UK Consumer Panels© is a consulting firm that specializes in product testing and product development work. UK Consumer Panels© design and conduct In-Home Usage Testing (IHUT) locally and nationally to provide actual user feedback to evaluate your products, packaging, related product instructions and more.

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