HigherDreams Announces Business Partnership With Augment USA

HigherDreams, LLC has partnered with Augment USA to offer augmented reality solutions and technical support to its clients.

Augment USA is the leading augmented reality platform, a company headquartered in Paris, France who is now offering services in the United States. Augmented Reality (AR) functionalities save time and resources by envisioning the final product or design by bringing them to life. Augmented reality bridges the gap between 3D modeling tools and the final product. Clients will be able to better communicate with potential customers while increasing engagement and interaction, which will ultimately drive up sales.

“It’s the future of multimedia marketing and sales” says Zanibel Melo, HigherDreams’ President. Additionally, the Augment’s platform will provide  HigherDreams’ clients the technical support they need when launching a new marketing and sales strategy.

The features of augmented reality include 3D models, full screen video, website and premium features including analytics and a custom logos within the application.

“The industry is showing that AR is more than just a trend, it’s the way of the future in how we will shop, entertain, interact and even sell” said Melo.

Clients will be able to empower their in-store sales teams and shoppers by bringing digital experiences into their physical stores. Customers will also be able to interact with a company’s entire inventory that may not on the showroom floor. In-store experiences will no longer be limited by physical restraints. Shoppers will be able to make faster buying decisions.

HigherDreams, LLC and Augment USA will offer a more robust solution for any company that’s looking to differentiate themselves from the competition through AR marketing and sales solutions.

About Augment:

Augment is the first application with which customers could visualize 3D models in the real world. As a marketing solution, Augment connects offline and online communications, improving engagement and facilitating decision making.

About HigherDreams:

HigherDreams, LLC is a multimedia marketing and business development company that uses an Integrated Marketing Communications (IMCM) model to help its clients leverage their business and marketing efforts using a combination of both traditional and non-traditional methods of communication.

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