Mail It Plugin Has Launch: It’s Time To Make The Most Of All-In-One Email Marketing Solutions.

Mail It WP Plugin.

Developed By Two Email Marketing Experts: Mike From Maine & Brett Ruttecky, Mail It Plugin is a wordpress plugin that’s easy to setup and use… Anyone, regardless of technical background or experience, can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Not only will users get better results in their business because people are actually getting their mails. Users will save hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year based on their list size.

Your online business is at risk if you have been using a third party email platform for it. Now new software has been developed by a 7-figure marketer to ensure all your business mails are open and have higher click rate. It’s Mail It WP Plugin!

When you are a third party platform, you are always expected to ‘play by the rules’ and you would never know when you are out of the business. Sending regular emails to the clients and prospective customers is one of the most important activities for any business. But when you depend on ‘an outsider’ you have zero control over mailing activities and plus you are at a risk of higher bounce rate. Such issues can jeopardize your business and might leave your hanging out to dry.

To ensure smooth email deliverability, you can switch to Mail It. Mail it gives you the exact stats about your mailing initiatives and tries to give you maximum opens. The main features of new email marketing technique are:

  • Bounce rates that are way lower than the third party emailing tools
  • Now you get higher number of clicks and therefore, derive higher revenue for this particular activity
  • Delivery rate will increase two-fold, and therefore, you will be reaching a wider audience, therefore, increasing your footprint in the market
  • You get to track the total number of people who have unsubscribed
  • Mail It do not limit the total number of emails that you want to send in a day
  • You can choose the subscribers that you want to add/keep in your database; you can import subscribers list without any hassle
  • It automatically filters out the duplicate, non-functioning and invalid email addresses
  • You get to keep a watch on spam complaints, open rate, click rate and bounce rate

One doesn’t have to have the technical background to set up Mail It; it’s a WordPress-Plug in which can be installed even by someone not proficient with computers. It integrates with Brett’s Profit Canvas and Affiliate Trax Software which further improves the way you carry out your online business.

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For more specific detail, you can see Mail It WP Plugin review here

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