Supernatural Thriller THE CURSED Terrorizes Residents and Unveils Evil Secrets of Sleepy Southern Town

“THE CURSED//TriCoast Ent”
Premieres August 18th on VOD & Digital

Los Angeles, CA (August 15, 2016) – THE CURSED reminds us that evil never forgets – and always seek revenge.  In Warren County, Tennessee some very inexplicable and sinister events are happening.  Livestock and people are dropping dead with too much frequency, and Sheriff Jimmy Muldoon and younger brother, Deputy Lloyd Muldoon are on a hunt to get to the bottom of these incidents. The Muldoon brothers uncover the town secret – a demon seeking revenge that has haunted the town for decades.

Sheriff & Deputy Muldoon have a firm grasp of law and order in Warren County until a handsome stranger, Denny White, comes to town. As soon as White arrives, supernatural events begin to occur. Animals are slaughtered… loved ones go missing. Only a blur is spotted at each location.  Denny, having lost his girlfriend, his apartment and his highly classified job with the U.S. Army, has made his way to his best friend Bill’s small town, to start over in a new career as a writer. With the help of the beautiful town librarian Sara Belmont he starts snooping around and researching the town’s history, hoping to unravel fact from fiction. What he discovers is steeped in the rich and frightening folklore of the American South.

THE CURSED is directed by Joel Bender (Sweet Valley High) and stars Costas Mandylor (Mobsters; SAW IV & V), Louis Mandylor (The Set Up; My Big Fat Greek Wedding); Brad Thornton (Kickboxer 4); James Marshall (A Few Good Men; Gladiator); Francesca Cecil (Rush Hour 3).  THE CURSED  will be released August 18 by Tricoast Entertainment on Dish, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play Microsoft Xbox and Hoopla.


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