A&R Technology Introduces Industrial Robots & Desktop Robots with High Performance & Accuracy

The Company has industrial robots and desktop robots with different specifications that can be used in different applications.

A&R Technology Co Ltd offers 4-axis robots with selective compliance assembly and that are suitable for a variety of applications in the automation field. The scara robots are available with different arm lengths and rotating range. The robots clock a high repeat positioning accuracy and a low inertia for a high performance.

With a significant industrial robot range with different specifications and features, the company allows industries around the world to focus on their automation applications with a high performance throughput. The robots are available in different models with their characteristic features, for a company to choose the best robot specification to meet their industrial requirement. These 4-axis robots can travel through different lengths and can rotate through different angles to perform the task. The design allows the robot to perform various tasks in an automated environment.

A&R Technology Introduces Industrial Robots & Desktop Robots with High Performance & Accuracy

The company also supplies 3-axis Desktop robots that feature high performance with their multi-task hardware interpolation technology. With a high grade processing accuracy, the Desktop robot comes with a 7-inch TFT color monitor to display the data in English and Chinese languages. It comes with USB, memory stick and COM communication port to help establish a direct communication with the PC. The robot also supports international standard DXF files, and work files can directly be loaded on to the system. It also supports macro command functions for an easy control and operation.

Besides supplying a wide range of robots, A&R Technology also supplies the lathe machine controller that offers a processing accuracy of up to 0.001mm along both X and Y axes. With an advanced self detection and the abnormity warming features, the controller has its wide applications in different industries. The controller also allows a range of feed speeds with a significant feed speed magnification range. It also allows single step and manual continuous feed for a better manual control on the feed. The lathe controller has several other features that make it an essential tool for different industries.

To know more about the features of this lathe machine and other products that the company offers, one can visit the website http://www.automationar.com

About A&R Technology Co Ltd   

A&R Technology is located in Shenzhen, China. A&R is short for accurate and reliable. Supplying accurate and reliable automation product to customers is company’s goals and mission. With a professional service team, fast delivery, perfect customer service network to help our customers to promote an efficient industrial automation process, the company is committed to making customers successful and satisfy. A&R supplies AC servo motor & driver, step motor & driver, CNC machine controller for lathe/turning machine, milling/drilling machine, plasma/flame cutting machine etc. 

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