Amspek, Llc Proudly Introduces Bootniks™ And The “Vermont Teddy Bear® Collection” The Latest Innovation For Boot Lovers

Boot shapers with a personality

Bootniks™ from the studios of AMSPEK, LLC has just announced the official launch of their innovative and unique boot shapers with the debut of their “VERMONT TEDDY BEAR® COLLECTION”. Designed as a whimsical and practical solution to boot organization, storage and protection, these patented boot trees are anticipated to be extremely popular throughout the United States and Canada.

Utilizing the manufacturing skills of the iconic VERMONT TEDDY BEAR® COMPANY these boot holders are hand-crafted to superior standards. Born on the 4th of July, these American designed and created boot organizers are just the beginning of a new line of Bootniks™ slated to be released shortly from the studios of AMSPEK.

In a recent interview, spokesperson for AMSPEK, Ms. Gironella highlighted some of the features of the VERMONT TEDDY BEAR® COLLECTION which are expected to appeal to a wide consumer base: “This delightful collection of premium quality boot shapers truly embodies everything that people love about the VERMONT TEDDY BEAR® products in a very useful and yet whimsical way. Not only do customers benefit from advanced patented support technology to safeguard their boot’s condition, they also gain these plush and loveable teddies. Bootniks are where fun & function meet with exceptional results.”

Currently within the VERMONT TEDDY BEAR® COLLECTION there are five unique designs including “Polar White Bear”, “Buttercream Bear”, “Black Bear”, “Smokey Grey Bear”, and “Honey Bear”. These handcrafted Bootniks™ teddies stand within the boots for a unique and fun way to store and protect favorite footwear.

Patented in the US and Canada, the advanced Bootniks™ support technology, works to prolong the life of boots by holding them upright. This minimizes bending, creasing, cracking and scuffing. Not only does this help to protect boots, it also provides a practical way to store and organize footwear solving the problem of limited closet space. Bootniks™ will fit most adult boots from sizes 6 and up.

Ms. Gironella believes: “The VERMONT TEDDY BEAR® COLLECTION will be extremely popular with boot lovers of all ages making a fantastic gift item for birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc. They charmingly solve that age old problem of dusty, saggy and floppy boots!” 

More information about the American made VERMONT TEDDY BEAR® COLLECTION and Bootniks™ can be found on the company website.


The studios of AMSPEK, LLC. are dedicated to introducing new and unique products that are solution oriented, high in quality and affordably priced.

The commitment to finding a practical solution to an all too common problem, through a novel approach led to the development of the original Bootniks™ concept.  After the necessary refinements to function were in place, it was time to add the FUN! Encouraged by the overwhelming response from others, the expansion of the Bootniks family soon followed.

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About Bootniks™

Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA, these practical and whimsical high quality boot trees with a personality are sure to please. The original Bootniks™ – where fun and function meet!

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