Decimal Data launches data analytics services for businesses and organizations

Decimal Data is a newly launched company that provides service for analyzing raw data and gets useful insights from it.  The company is brought together by a bunch of engineers including members who’re expert in sales, marketing, SEO, manufacturing, supply chain management, engineering and data analysis.  After working for more than a decade in the industry, the group has come together to solve real-world business problems.

The company professionals work closely with the client to understand the business and the corresponding data and bring out trends and patterns which may not be known before. A good data analysis will help in making better sourcing decisions and understand risk mitigation in the field of supply chain and purchasing. The company also provides services for predicting and estimating the risks for better business decisions.

The aim of the company is to offer high-quality services for data analysis at an affordable cost which the company does by keeping the cost less through working offsite and communicate using available commercial collaborative technologies. At Decimal Data, the data experts understand the client requirements and workalongside to create managed information.  Even at an early stage, the company has managed to build a long list of happy and satisfied clients by offering benchmark services.

The professionals discuss the data with the client and study where the data resides, whether on PLM< ERP< Legacy software, hard drives, excel, flat files or others. Based on the data location, the experts define a plan to bring all the relevant data together and analyze it for to the point result which would be clear to understand. The experts will study the data to find relationships and explore the missing pieces for an elaborate study. They’ll identify the most significant entities in the database to figure out the best approach for converting the raw data into useful information.

Apart from doing data analysis, the experts from Decimal Data also clean up the data by rectifying any mistakes, adjusting formats, filling any other missing pieces. The data clean up will help achieve better results after applying the algorithm on it.

After the initial analysis and cleanup process, the experts will perform statistical analysis for forecasting the results from the raw data. The Decimal Data team can also help or train the employees to implement the solution in-house or using cloud so that the business users can perform the data analysis themselves.

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Company Name: DecimnalData
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Country: United States