Phone Waist Pack Keeps Both Hands Free For Hikers, Runners or Taking to the Beach

Touch Enabled Phone Waist Pack Makes ‘Doing’ That Much Easier!

Touch Enabled Phone Waist Pack Makes ‘Doing’ That Much Easier!

It is an undisputed fact that life has us doing more than ever. Even during a much needed summer break whether it’s a walk in the woods, a trip to the beach or ‘relaxing’ at home, its seems we no longer have enough appendages to manage all the things we need to do!

In a statement today by Phone Waist Pack manufacturer NewSun21 they commented on the need to juggle many tasks at once and how their touch enabled phone waist pack allowed people to not only keep valuables secure and close to the body but also through its transparent front panel allowed the user to have full access to their cell phone without the need to remove it from it’s secure location. Secured around the waist this also allowed the user to keep both hands free for other tasks whether it be managing children, carrying poles on a walk or a bag to the beach.

A spokesperson for NewSun21 commented, “Whether its summer break or an everyday work day, we all need both hands these days to best manage our lives. We also need security and the ability to manage our phones. For many this ability to multi task usually ends in at least one of these requirements being compromised. And that is the purpose of the NewSun21 Phone Waist Pack. To many, it may seem like a simple fanny pack able to carry a phone but its ability to allow a wearer to access their phone from it’s secure location while staying hands free, means that it gives the user the ability to completely manage all of their daily tasks without compromising any of them. It simply makes life easier!”

The NewSun21 Phone Waist Pack for anyone who has a phone and needs to use it and keep it secure will accommodate phones with a width of up to and including 5.5 inches which includes the latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the iPhone 5 and 5S, the iPhone 4 and 4S, the Samsung Galaxy S6, S5, S4, S3, Moto X and any other phone that fits within the 5.5 inch width parameters. The highly adjustable waistband strap has been designed to fit waist sizes from 24.5 inches to 40 inches and is made of water and sweat proof material with integrated reflective strip for visibility. The waist pack for phones includes a touch screen enabled pouch so that you are able to interact with your iPhone or Android device without the need for removing it from its secure location. It also contains a headphone jack for listening to music of answering a call and plenty of room to carry additional valuables.

The spokesperson continued, “Making life easier may seem like a grand accomplishment for such a ‘low tech’ device such as a waist pack but time and time again it has been upheld as the main benefit our customers have bestowed once they have been using the phone waist pack for a while. It seems that today, low tech may be the answer to our fast paced, high tech existence!”

The NewSun21 Phone Waist Pack is available for sale exclusively on Amazon USA and for a limited period of time it may be purchased at a discount to its usual RRP, (Recommended retail price.)


NewSun21 is a brand of fgmediagroup, manufacturers and distributor of the NewSun21 Phone Waist Pack for people with a phone who need to use their hands. It is fulfilled by Amazon.

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