Lintech Introduces Automotive Vision Systems for Driver’s Safety

With their brake lights camera, brake lights backup camera, third light camera and other automotive vision systems, Lintech Enterprises Limited endeavors to offer a safe and pleasurable driving experience for vehicle owners.

There is a wide range of automotive safety vision systems that can allow drivers to drive their vehicles safely, avoiding road accidents and collisions. These automotive cameras are designed to fit into different parts of a vehicle, allowing a driver to get a clear view of the rear side and areas that are beyond the visible range of the human eyes while driving. These tiny cameras produce high quality images, alerting the drivers about barriers or interruptions on their driving path to help drive safely.

Lintech Enterprises supplies the brake lights camera that comes with 6 PCs LED and provides sharp images and HD quality video images of the rear side of the car. With a significant sensing area, the camera produces high resolution images for a driver to get the complete rear view while driving. The infrared LED light is helpful in the night vision and one gets a clear image even in the darkness of the night. The camera is protected with its aluminum alloy shell and is waterproof, dustproof and also protected against explosion.

Lintech Introduces Automotive Vision Systems for Driver’s Safety

The company also offers E9 certification approved brake lights backup camera that can completely and easily replace the original brake lights of a car. The CMOS3089 Sensor offers sharp and clear images in 170 degree vide angles. With IP68 waterproof rating, the camera keeps working in rain and other environmental conditions. It comes with a 7-inch rear view monitor to clearly see everything in the rear at the time of driving a vehicle. They supply the complete camera kit with installation screws, operating manual, cable and other fittings.

Customers can also purchase the third light camera from Lintech. The camera is the heavy duty reversing car camera that provides sharp rear view images. With a 2:1 interlace scanning system, the camera has an internal sync system with both horizontal and vertical sync frequencies. One can expect high quality images and video output even in the night due to the 6 PCs LED included in the vision system. One can learn more about the camera or other products by visiting the website

About Lintech Enterprises Limited

Lintech Enterprises Limited is a professional automotive safety video technical systems supplier. The company’s main products are car rear view camera, car backup camera, car side view camera, brake light camera, third light backup camera, backup system, parking sensor system, car monitor, mobile DVR and other kinds of vehicle vision products.

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