Reveals How Small Businesses Are Printing Stamps Online In Record Numbers

Quarryville, United States – Despite the rise in email usage, traditional mail is still popular. In fact, millions of letters get sent in the USPS each day. In 2014, the total mail volume (i.e. number of items sent in the mail) was 155.4 billion!

The mail system is also a crucial element of all small businesses. It allows them to market their brands and keep in touch with customers. It’s no secret that the business world relies on the mail service today as it did many years ago.

Of course, sending large volumes of mail out each day can be cumbersome and time-consuming. One of the ways to speed things up is by printing stamps online. uncovered an interesting fact about online postal stamps. They discovered that $1 billion of stamps got bought online in 2014. That’s an increase of $126.7 million from the previous year!

Online stamps: a vital support service to small businesses

As a business, there isn’t much time that can get devoted to sending out mail. Usually, each person will need to take care of their mailing requirements. It’s only the larger corporations that can afford to run a “mail room”!

Applying conventional stamps to handwritten envelopes takes time. A lot of it, in fact. And in money terms, it can affect a growing business’s bottom line. Online stamps are the answer to many small firm’s prayers.

By purchasing stamps online, companies can also print addresses directly onto envelopes. The time devoted to each postal exercise gets dramatically reduced. Plus, there are obvious cost savings benefits that one can enjoy too.

The reliance on conventional mail

It’s a common fact that the Internet has made it easier for firms to communicate with their customers. Email, for example, is an instant and free way to make direct contact with people.

Despite those facts, there is still a great reliance on conventional mail. For example, official documents that need to get signed sometimes cannot be sent online. And there is the question of whether other parties have access to email or not.

Conventional mail services are still a much-used support network by all small businesses. They allow companies to reach those without email or Internet access. For instance, customers in rural areas. And those that aren’t familiar with using computers.

In many respects, conventional mail can also make a greater marketing impact than email. Promotional literature is often more vibrant and eye-catching. Even envelopes can entice recipients to open them up and learn more about the subject.

Bearing those facts in mind, online stamps make life easier for small businesses. They also help to converge online and offline worlds together.

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