Tracey Birdsall features in a new trailer for \”Rogue Warrior : Robot Fighter\”

Science-fiction actioner directed by Neil Johnson

A new traler for the film “Rogue Warrior : Robot Fighter”, starring Tracey Birdsall as cinema’s next action heroine, Sienna, has been released.

Director Neil Johnson’s film fixes on the overthrow of humanity by Artificial Intelligence and the determined rebel, Sienna (Birdsall) who goes up against the robot empire.

The film was shot in many locations around California – including the desert.

“There were moments when I looked out at the horizon and there was nothing but sand and desolation”, Birdsall said in a recent interview. “Although I could see the crew in the distance and the helicopter loomed overhead, I felt like I was on Mars, or some other planet.  When you are this isolated doing a film (especially where I was the only actor a couple of hundred feet up on a dune), it already puts you where you need to be – you’re hot, alone, the wind is howling and filling your every orifice and pore – when you’re miserable and exhausted it’s easy to be miserable and exhausted.”

In addition to Birdsall, the film features a superlative cast including William Kircher (”The Hobbit”), Stephen Manley (”Star Trek III”), Daz Crawford (TV’s ”Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D”), Tim McGrath (“Someone’s Gonna Die”), Livvy Stubenrauch (“Frozen”), Ashley Park (“Terror Tales”), Aaron Jacques (“I might even love you”), and Marilyn Ghigliotti (“Clerks”) also star.

“Rogue Warrior : Robot Fighter” will be released later this year.

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