3D Animation News Series Daily Bake Seeking Funding on Kickstarter

World News Re-packaged, Re-baked, 100% animated. Your daily dose of news with Daily Bake by Glincon’s gorgeous anchor Dude Bro

New York City, NY – For years, we have been offered amazing 3D-animated films by the likes of Pixar and Dreamworks. Now, a series that uses 3D animation to repackage world news in a more readily available, comical, and satirical form is about to hit the market. 

Having launched their Kickstarter campaign, the Glincon team behind Daily Bake wants to give you a unique channel for news consumption. Through the characteristic immersion of 3D animation, Daily Bake provides an original, unbiased, and approachable take on world news and current events. By putting a sarcastic spin on real news stories, they are confident that teenagers and young adults will flock towards their content.

The inaugural episode, “US Election 2016,” was released last month on Glincon’s website and YouTube Channel and has already attracted over 148K views within a few weeks of its release. “US Election 2016” follows main anchor Dude Bro as he unironically explains the biggest issues that have arisen throughout the 2016 Presidential campaign trail, including Clinton’s email-gate and Trump’s dedication to building a wall along the Mexican border. By using a distinctive animation style, Daily Bake establishes cartoon characters who feel real and relatable to the audience.  

In 2015, Glincon started developing the 3D animation news series Daily Bake, which features the virtual anchor Dude Bro and his partner Macarons. “The idea of re-creating news content and broadcasting it in 100% animated format, while depicting the virtual character as a real-time anchor, is original and fresh”, said Steve Choi, Glincon founder and CEO. The market growth potential and creative diversity that can be explored from this animation style is enormous, as the Glincon team aims to pave a new content path for the 18-35 demographic.

Promoted exclusively in the United States and South Korea, Glincon’s first season of Daily Bake kicked off in July 2016 on its social media platforms. With the YouTube launch of Daily Bake, Glincon is preparing a variety of exciting, different, and ingenious ideas to entertain you and provide you with your daily dose of news- re-packaged, re-baked, and 100% animated. The team aims to develop iconic characters that can be incorporated into diverse media and entertainment platforms and deliver stories that leave long-lasting, positive impressions on viewers.

The Glincon company has already attracted the attention of two angel investors, as well as the K-Startup Organization, whom has expressed “major interest,” according to Choi. 

Choi hopes to raise $5,000 in the Kickstarter campaign and will put the money towards the production of Daily Bake episodes. This number is the minimum amount needed to produce one episode. Any funds above the campaign goal will be used to purchase equipment and hire more team members and artists, which will ultimately speed up the creation process and bump up the content quality.

Currently, Choi’s Glincon team consists of six members, most of whom have a minimum of six years of work experience within the 3D animation and mobile game field. “We plan to create media content that can act as a link between global audiences, through which anybody, anywhere can come together over common interests and share memories together regardless of cultural background. This principle is reflected in the company’s name Glincon, ‘Global Link Icon’,” Choi said.


Glincon [Global Link Icon], Inc. is a mass media entertainment company that specializes in 3D animation production, mobile game development, and character enterprises production. In addition to Daily Bake, Glincon also has the anticipated mobile game “Macaron Planet Gravity” scheduled for release this upcoming December.

Founders, Steve Choi and Julie Choi, are siblings who have lived in the United States for more than 12 years. In 2015, the company initially opened in Culver City, California, and re-located to Seoul, South Korea during the same year. 2016 followed with a surge of promotional activities in South Korea. These included speaking engagements at several entrepreneurship lectures and interviews as CEOs of an innovative startup. Meanwhile, Daily Bake’s unique vision has attracted highly-regarded sponsors. This marks the development of new media content with enormous potential to expand and grow. 

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