Ketinos Top Rated Rotary Cheese Grater is Now Available in Retro Mint Green

NEW YORK, NY – 8/17/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Ketinos is thrilled to announce that their top selling rotary grater is now available in a new color.

Ketinos, a premium kitchenware brand, is working closely together with their customer base when it comes to releasing new products. After launching the rotary cheese grater in April 2016, they have received many requests to sell the grater in other colors.

The grater was originally available in a modern all-black design, and now gets a hip retro look in mint green.

”All of us who work at Ketinos are crazy about Retro-looking kitchen gadgets, so we decided to bring that into our brand”, says Naomi Pratt, PR manager at Ketinos. ”Mint green, in particular, is such a fresh and cool color, it brings joy to the kitchen!”.

Ketinos cheese grater is now available in mint green, exclusively for Amazon customers.

”The new color is released in a limited edition, but the demand seems very high, so we are considering to make it a permanent variation in our line” says Pratt. ”At the moment we cannot guarantee that though, so it’s first come- first served!” laughs Pratt.

Ketinos Rotary Cheese Grater is a versatile kitchen gadget that is perfect for grating different sorts of cheese, such as parmesan, and also works very well for chocolate, nuts, and more.

Information about Ketinos rotary cheese grater can be found here and on the company’s website.

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