BlackOptek Digital Announces Pay-Per-Install App Service that Helps Companies Target Users Across Mobile Platforms

TORONTO – BlackOptek Digital offers customers a pay-per-install app service that serves up apps to specific users across mobile platforms. The company’s sophisticated targeting qualifies a lead before the ad is served, increasing download rates without increasing expenses.

BlackOptek Digital is a performance marketing company that utilizes various methods of marketing including paid search, display materials, social media, and downloads to improve their client’s sales. Mobile marketing is just one of many options available to clients. “In an increasingly mobile age, it would be unwise of any company to not take advantage and meet customers where they spend most of their time – their mobile devices,” stated J Khan, spokesperson for BlackOptek Digital.

The app install service is customized to target specific users who are likely to download the app and serves ads across mobile sites as well as inside other apps themselves. Some of the targeting categories include age, gender, geography, income, and interests (just like with traditional advertising) to help improve relevancy and conversion rates when ads are displayed.

The pay-per-install service is performance based so BlackOptek Digital’s clients only pay based on the number of successful app installs. This means that clients aren’t overcharged based on the number of clicks on the ad or failed installs, making the service efficient and affordable.

“BlackOptek Digital focuses on increasing conversion rates as well as its clients’ ROI. We want to do that efficiently and simply and we feel that our pay-per-install app service does just that. Not only that, but it delivers a service that our clients need to meet sales goals and grow their businesses,” said J Khan of BlackOptek Digital.

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