Dawn808, South Koreans hangover cure drink necessities.. get up patents in 11 countries

More than 808 are typical hangover cure drink steadily since the launch of consumers love the inventions patented in 11 countries in the world. A product that solved neatly thirst, heartburn etc. that comes after drinking repeatedly failed 807 times and raised the confidence of the consumer to use the product name 808 comes from the 808th birth to one.

More than 808 manufacturers Co., Ltd. is a Glammy, and the events of the Spring Flower Festival, with free tasting through a variety of promotions for the summer season by events and various sports scene has received a great response marketing experience to visit fought everywhere direct nationwide.

Wellness, certified by LOHAS products more than 808 all confidence to the hangover cure drink Korea Standards Association, Consumer Wellness Index ’11 consecutive, second day of the 43rd invention Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit, a proud Korean targets, including numerous It won the domestic and international awards including the world’s 10 invester event and the world’s top brand is also recognized as a world-class product.

New Dawn is a 1004 doubles the efficacy of the product in more than 808 relief that all manufactured in carefully selected botanicals and enjoy the effect that quickly relieve multiple symptoms of a hangover. To drink alcohol before or after handing aboard the ice-effective and will be essential to drink a drink before or after office workers to choose between health and drinking.

Republic of Korea Youth invention contest sponsored daepyeong invention scholarships operations and social contribution to the forefront actively the Corporation Glammy is through continuous research and effort to grow into the world’s most eco-friendly wellness company that puts the health and environment of consumers first.

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Invester king, ceo Nam Jonghyeon

He wants to help worldwide inventor

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