Now the users can get instant advice on a variety of topics through, the new advisory marketplace

Stuck with something and need expert advice but don’t know who that expert is or where you can find them right now? Dread going through those DIY videos or the thousands of search results showing up for that question? There is a way out now, at least if you are in India., a new expert advisory platform might just be what you are waiting for. All you need to do is select a broad category and ask your question.

In contrast to losing time and patience on those current options, you now have solversinc where a certified expert on your chosen advice area takes you through the solution on a 1-on-1 live video or audio conversation (chat if you want to) at a time of your choice. Way cheaper, way faster and you are sure to connect with someone who knows what they are talking about.

The platform boards solvers through an elaborate process and no one with less than 2 years of experience in the listed area of specialisation can register. Fortune 500 company executives to alumni of ivy league schools including the likes of Harvard and London School of Economics, from bureaucrats turned life coaches, to entrepreneurs, from stylists who have worked in Bollywood movies and image coaches to internationally reputed astrologers – they are all on solversinc ready to provide advice to you right when you need it.

Solversinc is built to solve, says founder, Leena Chakrabarti. “Searching a solution by asking on the internet is like finding the needle in the haystack. Getting the right people at the right time to solve a problem that you have, is a hurdle that the internet doesn’t resolve in a jiffy”.

Solversinc through a combination of people and technology makes it possible. The platform depends on algorithms to identify the right expert depending on the question asked. Hundreds of skill sets have been mapped and integrated to help the system understand and interpret customer requirements, connect with the right experts and send offers to customer for them to choose from. All of this happens at a fraction of time than what you would normally take in a real life scenario. As soon as an offer is accepted, the solver and the customer start a session and the solver can walk you through the solution. The 2 way video, audio and messaging facility helps simulate a real life face to face situation at a cost that is a minute fraction.

Take for example the lifestyle category on solversinc that has stylists, image consultants, nutritionists and diet consultants, astrologers, personality development coaches. A typical session with a style advisor who has worked in Bollywood movies, or been jury member at fashion shows or worked with leading names of the fashion and entertainment industry would cost you upwards of 20,000 INR. Take into consideration the wait time for the session, given that most of these advisors are in Mumbai or Delhi, accessibility would be a major constraint for people in other cities.

In contrast on solversinc what you do is spend less than a minute to ask your question or put in your request for a session, choose the solver type and book your session. Within the hour you will get offers from a few stylists who have those credentials and can start your session. And the solution doesn’t stop with a session. Free follow ups for upto a week after the session helps you get the most out of it. You want a second or third opinion, that’s possible too.

The same applies to legal advice, or lets say you are at work and are developing an app and are stuck at a point, all you do is ask your question, your contact information and credentials are never informed to the solver. The solver understands your problem and gives you a solution.

Solversinc solvers are currently answering questions personal styling, astrology, solving parenting and relationship issues, giving legal advice on criminal and civil matters, providing support to software and hardware challenges of individuals and businesses. The iOS and android apps are expected to be unveiled in a fortnight.

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