Health Constitution Launches New Health and Fitness Blog

SYDNEY, AustraliaHealth Constitution launched a new health and fitness blog authored by fitness expert Denise Deschanel. The blog,, offers articles on fitness and healthy living as well as reviews of selected fitness products. Deschanel founded the blog after many friends had sought her advice on exercise and getting healthier.

“The idea originally came to me after one my best friends shared a self-shaming post on Facebook,” said Deschanel. “It was sad, but she felt worthless because of her body weight. I have helped her maintain her weight with health and fitness advice. She is now back to her confident self. From there, I realized that others might have an interest in my experience and suggestions.”

Health Constitution is intended for people in need of a change in lifestyle as well as those who are interested in general well-being. “I see it as a win-win,” Deschanel added. “Fitness can make your day by pumping the brain with happy hormones.”  Deschanel has developed a set of proven fitness and health routines.

The blog is now offering articles such as “Tweak Your Body Metabolism To Lose Those Extra Calories Faster” and “Healthy Body And Healthy Soul For A Healthy Living.” In this article, Deschanel emphasizes how good health requires discipline, which some people find challenging. For example, the article talks about the difficulty of waking up early to get exercise. 

In “LISS Vs HITT? Which One Should You Choose?” Deschanel compares intense cardio with high-intensity interval training. The article discusses reasons to start fitness along with suggestions on proper nutrition to go with cardio training. “Tips On How To Lead A Healthy Life In A Contemporary Setting” describes the effects of technology on health and lifestyle. “Building Muscles The Right Way” recommends realistic approaches to creating an attractive physique. New articles are being published regularly on the site.

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