First iPhone 7 Power Accessory Compatible with the New iPhone is Now Available on Indiegogo

Shell2D Super Case is the world’s thinnest iPhone 7 Battery Case that is available in a range of fashionable colors and which can double the battery life.

Good news for smartphone and iPhone users! They can now get a smart battery case that can not only protect their device, but can also double the battery life. With an extended battery life, a user can keep enjoying the adorable features of a smartphone for hours without any interruption. The Shell2D Super Case is an ideal product for the modern generation that uses a wide range of handheld devices for communicating and several other purposes.

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The thinnest iPhone battery case has been developed by the Shell2D team using the Slim Power Technology that provides the much-needed battery backup to help extend the battery longevity. Available in a wide variety of colors, the battery case is attractive in style and also helps protect an iPhone or any other device from external damaging factors. The product is also available with a magnetic mounting solution that helps in mounting a device on different magnetic surfaces. This also provides an ease of mounting the device at the time of charging.

Shell2D team has initiated a Indiegogo campaign to promote the product and seek funding to help develop the product at the industrial scale. They want the product to reach every modern smartphone user who loves using their device for extended hours. For people who want to free themselves from the hassles of charging their devices more frequently, the Shell2D battery case is an ideal product. Built with the best quality and durable materials, the case is long lasting enough for a user to keep their device safe and protected over a long period of time.

First iPhone 7 Power Accessory Compatible with the New iPhone is Now Available on Indiegogo

One of the members of the Shell2D team reveals that the battery case is compatible with the new iPhone 7. All fans of the iPhone can grab the battery case and can use it with the latest iPhone. One can easily use the case to mount a device in a car while driving, with the help of the built-in magnetic frame. The case allows the device to remain charged all the time and safely stored at home, office or even in a car. The battery case is also simple to install and use.

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Located in Hong Kong, Shell2D is a brand created by Teno Technology Company Limited. The Shell2D team consists of young and innovative engineers who focus on developing the highest quality products that ensure the efficiency and are also cost effective.

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