The ultimate remote for controlling music and sound surpasses its fundraising goal on Kickstarter

The newly launched remote controller for sound and music has received ahuge response from backers on Kickstarter and surpassed the fundraising goal of $5000 in less than 2 days. With still more than two weeks to go, the users have a chance to pre-order the product by pledging for various perks. The product is designed to be used from areas as small as a living room to as large as a Los Vegas stage This simple device will change the lives of professionals such as public speakers, entertainers, and wedding officiants. The user can save the time and hassle of giving cues to a sound booth and control the sound secretly from their pocket.

The smartly designed remote control can manage all the sounds on stage with touches and clicks, invisible to the audience.  The product offers a long range of 200 ft so that the user can freely move around the stage while starting and fading out tracks, controlling volume, adding impromptu sound effects and so much more. This device can be operated single-handedly through the pocket or on your belt using fingertips.

This innovative sound system also provides avisual image of the sound plan using the specialized tablet or Android device by downloading the app. The user will be able to program volume settings for individual tracks, customize playlists, see current and next track, everything controlled by touchscreen. The 7” display enables the user to view the convenient interface clearly and know exactly where they are in their sound plan by just glancing at it.

The cloud storage feature offered by Ultimate Control BT can help the user deal with last minute emergencies. They can keep all their sound files and playlists safely stored for quick and easy access. The user can get this service by paying a small fee of $6 a month and also get anunlimited warranty on the device covering anything and everything that could happen to it.

The super early bird reward on Kickstarter is being sold out fast due to agreat response by the backers. It offers a chance to the users to order the remote, remote switch, app and an upgrade to UV remote when available at a cost of $140. 

There are several other perks as well which can be seen on

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