USA – 8/18/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Sport Performance, a full-service agility ladder refiner, creator, and producer with a commitment to helping individuals develop their brain-to-muscle coordination and eccentric strength ability, is helping people worldwide enhance and develop a range of different foot movement patterns that become second nature to ladder users.

Borne from a passion for providing a powerful and alternative method to coordination and balance training, Sport Performance’s agility ladder is a simple, yet profound training resource capable of taking any individual and helping them to achieve an inner-agility they never thought was possible.

“Our ladder helps users develop increased foot speed, lateral quickness, coordination, and sustainable agility,” said Jan Pasko, Founder and Owner of Sport Performance. “And those are just the four major developments. The agility ladder offers so many more benefits and perspectives typical athletes and fitness junkies don’t get to acquire from regular running and weight training.”

Sport Performance’s agility ladder is 4m long, with 8 heavy-duty plastic rungs. The rungs come in an eye-catching yellow color, connected to a durable, sturdy black base. Using the ladders helps users acquire the core skills necessary to enhance their personal balance, rhythm, and above all, body control.

“Our products helps athletes take control of their bodies and really identify their inner-balance,” said Jan Pasko. “The results translate for improved movement and success in all other athletic engagements after using our product. Spread the word on our revolutionary approach to fitness, and head on over to our website today to read more about our agility ladder’s properties.”

Sport Performance updates their blog frequently to bring platform visitors the tips, tricks, and information they need to be successful with their new agility ladder.

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