Noveli Mfi Charger aims to solve the durability problem of charging cables

According to one fact, there are more than 1 billion iPhone users and a large number of Android users too, but majority of them face durability issues with the charger. Considering this situation, Mfi Charger has been launched which is designed with innovation and keeping durability in mind. The product, launched on Indiegogo with a goal of raising $10,000 promises to be much more durable than the regular phone charger.

Noveli Smart Charger can also be personalized with custom messages and texts, making it suitable for gifting purposes. The charger is made using genuine apple connectors with high standards of quality. Unlike the regular chargers that come in black and white color, the Mfi charger is also available in Gold and Silver.

The Smart Mfi charge cable is designed using specs that maximizes the power consumption and reduce EMI interference. The charger can be used to charge and sync multiple devices. The advanced technology used in the making of the charger allows it to offer optimal charging efficiency for the iOS devices.  The charger is also reinforced using stainless steel material which is able to withstand 10 kg of pressure. The durability of the charger is enhanced with the nylon made jacket that reportedly, makes it 5 times stronger than the regular cables. The charger also constitutes an MicrochipIC built-in for power management. 

Smart Mfi charger is also capable of facilitating proper data transfer which is achieved through braided copper shielding that is enhanced with another layer of aluminium foil to help in eliminating interference. The core of the wire is made of 99.3% copper that generates lesser heat, and the cable can that can withstand temperature of up to 60 degree Celsius.  The aluminium case consists of an indicator LED that changes from red to green when the phone/device is fully charged. The innovative charger cable is developed under the brand Noveli, that has been pioneer in producing phone accessories since 2009. The company is committed to develop phone accessories that are best in class and represent the latest technologies.

Noveli Mfi Charger is available for pre order at an early bird price of $29. The backers will get a Mfi charger with this perk along with a lifetime coupon containing 10% discount on all the Noveli products purchased from their website. The product will be delivered to the backers by late November.

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