Making Sense of Christian Drug Rehab Centers in Massachusetts

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Some people are confused about the role of faith-based drug rehab programs, particularly those provided by Christian drug rehab centers in Massachusetts. Some believe that the treatment and rehab programs are a mere front for the teaching and indoctrination of Christian value belief systems.

While not everyone believes in the power of prayer and spirituality, there are plenty of addiction support groups that are based on certain spiritual principles. And if you are going to look at the membership of these organizations, you can see just how effective faith-based or spirituality-based drug rehab programs really are.

For example, the social support group Narcotics Anonymous strongly adheres to the 12-step principle, which is based on Christian principles. This group has membership in many countries all over the world. And while not everyone in Narcotics Anonymous have been successful in leading lives free from addiction, there is a greater proportion of members who have remained sober and addiction-free for the rest of their lives. This fact alone means that Christian drug rehab centers or those that espouse some of the time-honored principles of Christian living are effective in terms of helping individuals lead better, addiction-free lives.

But just how does it help individuals?

For starters Christian drug rehab centers are based on the principle of responsible living or trying to achieve a happier, more balanced life. Sure, one has to stop using drugs or any other addicting substance but the bulk of the treatment and rehabilitation program is designed to help the individual learn how to enjoy life to the fullest. The life of a drug addict is well and gone. Steps must now be made to make sure that the individual will do everything he can to be happy.

Technically, it is not so different from other types of drug rehab programs. It still requires cognitive reframing and retraining as well as behavior modification. Christian drug rehab centers help the individual commit himself to change for the better. He is encouraged to actively participate in group therapy workshop sessions so he will learn of other people’s addictions and what they have done to overcome their fears and apprehensions about recovering from addiction. Over time, the individual develops a strong desire to heal and to recover fully from his drug addiction. When this time comes, anything and everything is possible.

Christian drug rehab centers provide the necessary support for the individual so that he will be more successful in mastering the different strategies he can use to stay happy and contented with his life. He will be in constant communication with fellow rehabilitees and this provides him with added social support. This network of people who share the same experiences is what makes Christian drug rehab centers so effective such that they are ready to help one another even when they have already completed their rehab programs.

You may not believe in the power of spirituality in the management of addiction. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s ineffective. Countless lives have been transformed. Maybe it’s worth giving it a try.

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