ProxyServer\’s Easy to Use Online Privacy & Security Software Is Now Compatible with Mac

August 19th, 2016 – In response to growing customer demand, ProxyServer’s complete suite of online security products have finally been made available to Mac users. Due to the increasing prevalence of security threats, many users rely on for simple, easy to use privacy solutions. Michael, Founder and CEO of ProxyServer, believes that accessibility is the key to creating a safer internet.

“We work very hard to make online privacy easy for consumers. Many people want to stay protected, but few want to jump through the hoops necessary to learn about security protocols. By creating a system that can be used by anyone, regardless of their technical skill, we are able to empower users to take control of their own personal security.” – Michael, CEO & Founder of

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According to the National Criminal Justice Reference Service, over 169 Million personal records are known to have been stolen through online security breaches in 2015 alone. A large number of these breaches are made possible by the free, public WiFi networks found in every city. Since data is transmitted unencrypted, anyone in the vicinity can listen in on your internet traffic and capture any private data that has been transmitted.

To combat this issue, ProxyServer created a VPN as a form of identity theft protection. A VPN, or virtual private network, is a secured tunnel for communications. Instead of connecting directly to the internet from a public place, your information is encoded with a secure key and transmitted directly to ProxyServer’s advanced data center. From there, you are able to safely access any online services you need. To anyone listening in without your private key, your data would appear scrambled and unusable.

WiFi protection isn’t the only service ProxyServer offers. Their most popular product is actually a free proxy server. Users travelling in foreign countries or using school networks are often unable to access the resources they need. With this free proxy server, they are able to act as a middle man and facilitate access to any internet resource.

About ProxyServer

Registered in 1996, has been offering online privacy solutions for nearly 20 years. While the technologies have changed over the years, they have continued to offer services provide users with identity theft protection and promote online privacy. By making these tools simple to access, every internet user has the resources they need to take control of their personal data.

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