World’s First Innovative Jet Way, Dynaerobridge Raises Funds on Indiegogo

We’ve all been there; plane finally touches down at the airport, pulls up to the gate, the door opens, each and everyone stuck waiting on their seat for passengers to slowly make their way into the terminal. Well, the days of waiting to get on and off of a plane may soon be coming to an end thanks to the Dynaerobridge.

19 August, 2016 – US – Dynaerobridge a revolutionary invention by Dynamite Obinna, an aerospace engineering student from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University announces today that it is raising funds via rewards crowdfunding on for the development of world’s first innovative jet way. This revolutionary design significantly reduces the time it takes for passengers to board and deplane their flights by taking advantage of the multiple doors that area available on most commercial aircraft. (Click here to see the video!)

“It means fewer missed connections, easy boarding for the handicapped, elderly, those traveling with infants, more time in the air and less waiting, happier customers, more revenue for airlines, lower ticket costs for those who like to fly with low-cost carriers, and overall a more seamless flying experience for everyone,” said Obinna.

This dynamic jetway has already caught the interest of both airports and airlines which are eager to keep passengers happy and aircraft in the air. The Dynaerobridge even won first-place at the ERAU Discovery Day and People’s Choice at the “Launch Your Venture” Entrepreneurship Expo.

And now, everyone can help ensure that Dynaerobridge becomes a reality at the various airport by supporting Obinna’s Indiegogo campaign: Each contribution is needed to test Dynaerobridge’s engineering features and design further. Even small amounts will help keep this project moving forward and, hopefully, make air travel less stressful in the future! As an added bonus, individual contributors may enjoy perks including a chance to talk with Obinna, a special happy birthday video, or a custom made promotional videos for small business, custom made anniversary videos for videos, pet portraits, voice overs, etc.

Backers can now make a contribution to Dynaerobridge today and help change the aviation industry for the better!

About Dynaerobridge

Dynaerobridge is an add-on system that can be attached to existing jet bridges, allowing passengers to board or disembark an airplane through multiple access doors, simultaneously. Dynaerobridge offers airlines and airports worldwide a cost-effective solution to increase efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

About Dynamite Obinna

Dynamite Obinna was born in a war-torn Northern Nigeria and immigrated to the U.S. in 2010 to pursue a career in aviation. He is currently an aerospace engineering senior at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. In addition to designing Dynaerobridge, he has worked on projects including a Single Person Spacecraft (SPS) and a low-orbital Satellite Imaging System. Obinna was also the chairperson for the design, construction, and development of Eco-dolphin, a fleet of three Autonomous Underwater Vehicle that helps researchers monitor coastal environments. 

Media Contact
Company Name: Dynaero
Contact Person: Dynamite Obinna
Phone: 267-991-5998
Country: United States