Airwheel E6 Folding Smart electric Bike accompany you to be your own champion

2016 Rio Olympic Games are in full swing. Some are delight but some are disappointed. As we all know, each item could only produce one gold medal which means that it is extremely hard to be number 1 all over the world. So we might as well live our life currently with efforts. Airwheel E6 electric bicycles will be with you all the way.

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In sports competitions, winning or losing the match looks normal for athletes. All of them need to cope with it calmly. When they lose the match, they should move forward with more efforts. Similarly, we also need to calm down when facing with some bottlenecks or troubles. Delighted or disappointed, you will have the companion of Airwheel E6 electric bicycles.

Airwheel E6

Although it does not have the speed of Michael Phelps, great swimming athlete of America, E6 best electric bike with a maximum of 20km/h is absolutely enough for daily travelling. Only weighing 14.15kg, E6 e bike can bear a maximum of 100kg. After folding the main frame, handrails, saddles and pedals, it becomes smaller with the size of 959mmx456mmx160mm. In this case, it can be carried into buses, subway carriages or car trunks. At least, riding E6 will reduce the time spent on your way home so you can charge yourselves for being a better man.

Airwheel E6

For sake of security, E6 Folding Smart Bike kit is coupled with several protection systems, such as C-AT vehicle control system which can help to find the balancing point between operability and stableness and output the optimal power solution, EBS intelligent braking system that assist to keep more flexible and steady riding, and double damping system that ensure the comfortable riding experience even in some uneven and bumpy road surfaces. Wherever you go, safety shall be the top issue.

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Another considerate design is the left-right separated saddles. Made of natural rubber, the saddles of E6 electric-bike are more comfortable and breathable. Besides, E6 e-bike adopts the car-level coating craft. The low temperature coating craft normally goes through more than ten procedures. With better ability of anti-corrosion for the shell, E6 has a long lifespan.

Let Airwheel E6 electric bikes accompany you to be the best of you.

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